Dwight Howard on the Los Angeles Lakers in 2013

Dwight Howard Looks to Revive Career in L.A.

The Los Angeles Lakers were in need of a center to replace DeMarcus Cousins after he tore his ACL during an offseason workout. They wanted to sign a center who would work well with coming off the bench. Los Angeles had a few choices, including Kenneth Faried, Joakim Noah, and Nenê, but they ultimately ended up deciding to sign Dwight Howard, who looks to revive his career in L.A.

Dwight Howard Looks To Revive Career in L.A.

Dwight Howard Returns to L.A.

Dwight Howard signed a non-guaranteed contract to return to Los Angeles Lakers in late August. Adrian Wojnarowski stated that this means they can cut him before January 2020 and not have to pay him the rest of the season.

The last time he signed with the Lakers was in 2012 where he joined Hall of Fame point guard, Steve Nash, and future Hall of Fame shooting guard, Kobe Bryant. They barely made the playoffs as a seventh seed and would end up losing to the San Antonio Spurs.

Between Howard’s first and second stint with the Lakers, he spent time with the Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Washington Wizards.

What Howard Brings to the Lakers

It seems that during the NBA free agency the Lakers were signing players who were defensive-minded first and solid on offense. Howard is athletic and has a great post-game. Furthermore, he can be another rim protector the Lakers need by being a shot-blocker when opponents drive to the key. He continues to improve his jump shot and does well off of pick and rolls. Both the Lakers and Howard hope he can help the Lakers make a run in the playoffs. He is one of the most athletic centers to play the game. Lastly, he knows what it takes to make the playoffs, as he did during his tenure with the Orlando Magic.

Injury Concerns

Howard signed with the Lakers after completing a buyout with the Memphis Grizzlies. He has been riddled with injuries for the last few seasons. Last season he only played nine games for the Wizards due to injury. It has been two seasons since he has played a full season.

When healthy and playing consistently, Howard nearly averaged a double-double. He needs to make sure he stays healthy and doesn’t get injured. If he gets injured, L.A. will have more concerns.

Career Revival

Dwight Howard looks to revive his career by going to the Lakers a second time. When he is healthy, he is one of the most skilled centers in the league. Additionally, when healthy he helps teams make it to the playoffs. Howard has been to multiple playoffs and an NBA Finals with the Orlando Magic.

Balance, Athleticism, and depth are what Howard brings to the Lakers. By staying healthy, not getting injured is one way Howard can help L.A. get to the post-season. Furthermore, Howard crashing the glass, passing the ball, getting blocks, scoring points and making plays for his teammates is another way he can help L.A. win.

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