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3 Reasons The Dolphins Should Dump Tua for Tom Brady

Let the annual “Tom Brady Watch” begin.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback went down with the ship this past weekend when his squad of swashbucklers was convincingly conquered by the Dallas Cowboys, 31-14. In what could be his last time captaining the ship for Tampa Bay, Brady connected on 35 of a whopping 66 pass attempts, racking up 351 yards, two touchdowns, and one interception.

Tom Brady arrived as the missing piece of the puzzle for the franchise just a few years ago, guiding them to a Super Bowl victory in his first season there. Since then, however, the team has gradually deteriorated, gotten older, and lost some high-profile players. They squeaked into the postseason in 2022, and the Bucs (8-9) don’t appear to be going anywhere for a while. In fact, they may even be looking to re-tool the squad.

The three-time NFL MVP doesn’t appear to be too keen on that idea and has already dropped hints that he’ll have a new address next year. Cities like Las Vegas and San Francisco have already been tossed about. However, the best bet for Brady may be to stick around in The Sunshine State… but, just a little further south.

The Miami Dolphins Must Move for Tom Brady

The Miami Dolphins have been treading water under former fifth-overall pick Tua Tagovailoa, who has also struggled with consistency and concussion issues. The young signal-caller doesn’t appear to be the answer for now, as he hasn’t proven yet that he can win or stay healthy in the league.

However, Brady makes for a solid fit in Miami for the 2023 season. Here are three reasons why TB12 could be a match made in heaven for the Dolphins.

#3 – He brings stability to a long unsteady position

Call it the Curse of Marino, but ever since those 1980s glory days, it seems like the team has always searched for a quarterback. While some stars have had short runs of success, there hasn’t been an established winner in the pocket for quite some time.

Over the years, the revolving door at the position has been an issue for the franchise. Even when the Dolphins have had a plethora of other skill players, they never seem to have someone to deliver them the ball. And once again, this is a years-long problem, not a new one. Names like Ryan Fitzpatrick, Dante Culpepper, Jay Fiedler, etc. have all been re-treads or stopgaps. There hasn’t been that statue-Esque figure heading the squad since the days of Bob Griese or Dan Marino.

With The Greatest of All Time at the helm, however, there would be at least a brief return to that same level of Hall of Fame greatness. And in the meantime, it would allow Miami to possibly even draft an heir-apparent at quarterback that’s not as injury-prone as Tagovailoa.

#2 – Tom Brady gives The Miami Dolphins a new perspective on success

For the folks down on South Beach, success is often counted as simply winning more games than you lose. It’s been a long time since the words ‘Dolphins’ and ‘Super Bowl contenders’ have been uttered in the same conversation – much less the same paragraph.

Brady’s presence alone would do for the Fish what it did for the Buccaneers: make the team and their fan base instantly believe. It sounds strange, but there’s an almost psychological feeling that surrounds a franchise when proven winners come to town.

In Brady’s case, he’s got the most successful resume ever. That vibe can resonate through the entire locker room and change the overall mentality in Miami.

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#1 – He’s the greatest winner of all time and would be leading a team that’s built to win right NOW

Even his critics would have to give Brady credit for his championship resume. No quarterback in the history of the game has come close to winning as many Super Bowls as he has, and his penchant for making miracles happen is unparalleled.

With a lineup that would include dynamic receivers Tyreek Hill (1,710 yards, seven touchdowns in 2022) and Jaylen Waddle (1,356 yards, eight touchdowns), Brady could step in right away and make the offense extra explosive.

The Dolphins finished 9-8, good for second place in the highly competitive AFC East. With Tom Terrific having a couple more seasons of magic left, he could deliver the franchise’s third Lombardi Trophy to the city of Miami.

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