Chelsea Boss says Spurs can win the title this season

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte says there’s every chance Tottenham could come back and win the Premier League title this season. Speaking to Sky Sports after Spurs beat his team 2-0, Conte said “Tottenham are a really strong team and one of the teams that can fight for the title until the end. They fought last season and for sure can fight this year.”

Although Tottenham have been a strong side as of late, the win against Chelsea and the admission from the boss may have come as a bit of a shock to some Spurs fans. The two goals from Alli ended Chelsea’s 13 game winning streak and weakened their lead at the top of the table. The leaders now just have a five point lead with 18 games to go, so anything can happen.

The shock win has also had a big affect on the bookmaker’s confidence in the side lifting the trophy at the end of the season. Bookmakers Betway dropped the odds of Spurs winning the Premier League from 20/1 to just 12/1 shortly after the win. Despite the sudden drop in the odds, 12/1 could still deliver a huge reward for anyone who has the same confidence as Chelsea boss Antonio Conte. Since the odds dropped by a massive 40% on just one game, they could drop again soon if Spurs continue to show Betway they’re able to challenge the big names this season.

The win against Chelsea will also come as a big relief to Liverpool, who currently separates the two teams on the table. The Reds have had another frustrating season, throwing away points to lower sides in December with a draw against West Ham and a 4-3 defeat to recently promoted Bournemouth. They have two big games coming up later this month, against arch rivals Manchester United and leaders Chelsea. If they want any chance of claiming the title from the current leaders, they really need to win both of those games.

Despite the big win, Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino was almost less complimentary than the losing side’s manager after beating Chelsea. Ponchettino was careful not to get too excited by the result, telling The Guardian, “It’s only one game. We need to be regular and consistent during the whole season. If we want to fight until the end of the season for big things, for trophies, you need to keep that intensity.”

But it’s now Tottenham that have the unbeaten record that everyone will be envious of. They currently have won all of their last five games. Their secret seems to be their young striker Dele Alli who has scored twice in all three of their last games. In fact the 20 year old has been responsible for almost half of their goals in the last five wins. If he becomes injured, there’s no doubting that those odds will soon go up once again.

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