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Carson Wentz is Poised for an MVP Caliber Season

They say hard work and dedication always pays off. If that’s the case,¬†Carson Wentz is beyond due. Injuries have plagued this young man’s career and he has yet to show his full potential. 2019 will be Wentz’s fourth season in the NFL, and it will also be his most memorable one to date. Carson Wentz is poised to stand atop the NFL once again. His potential for MVP stature has never been higher.

Carson Wentz is Poised For an MVP Caliber Season

Healthy Off-season

The last time Carson Wentz started an off-season at least somewhat healthy? 2017. That season he led the Eagles to an 11-2 record as the starter, and a 13-3 record overall. He threw for 30+ touchdowns before tearing his ACL in December. It is to say without a doubt he was on his way to contending for an MVP before that devastating injury. A stress fracture in his back ended his season last year, but the extra time has allowed him to fully recover. His ACL in 2017 lingered into the 2018 season, while his stress fracture has since been healed already. He will time to prepare and condition, a scary thought for teams in the NFC. Wentz will have his first full off-season in two years, and you should expect that to pay off rather quickly.

Weapons Around Him

The Eagles have bolstered their offense in these past few seasons and this will pay off immensely for Carson Wentz. Alshon Jeffery will play his first full season with a healthy Carson Wentz. The addition of Desean Jackson will provide a deep threat that Wentz will use time in and time out. Jordan Howard has the potential to continue his dominance in Philidelphia and open up that run game even more. The Eagles O-line is once again stacked with some of the best in the game, which will be crucial to the protection of Wentz this year.

Although 2018 was undoubtedly a down year for Wentz, he still threw for 21 touchdowns in just 11 games. That would put him on pace for just over 30 touchdowns that season. It was his first with Alshon Jeffery and the pairing will only become better with time. His offense on paper has the potential to be one of the best in the league, but Carson Wentz must use it to his advantage. Use the long ball, run the rock, and develop a rock-hard relationship with Alshon Jeffery. If he can do that, there is no question Wentz will be at the top of MVP race come January.

The Making For Something Great

Carson Wentz has gone through hell and back in these past few seasons. Two season-ending injuries in back to back years. Unnecessary QB controversy surrounding him at all times. But times are changing. Nick Foles is gone. The Eagles offense is as strong as ever. And most importantly, Carson Wentz is a healthy man. There has been a lot of questions regarding Wentz’s ability to play. Can he repeat that MVP caliber season in 2017? Or have the injuries caused to much damage? Carson Wentz once said “If you can play, you can play – and I know I can. If anyone wants to doubt that, heck – I’m more than ready to prove you wrong.” Well, Carson Wentz now is your time to prove them wrong.

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