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Hello, my name is Troy and I write about baseball. I started writing on Medium before joining LWOS in July of 2022. I am married and have one son and we are a huge baseball family.
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3 Most Overrated Right Fielders

With only three positions remaining in this series, today we turn our attention to the most overrated right fielders in baseball. Some of the best...

3 Most Overrated Center Fielders

As September is upon us and major storylines in the baseball landscape are heating up, we now turn our attention to the most overrated center fielders in the game today.

3 Most Overrated Left Fielders

We now move from the dirt to the grass as we continue our trip around the diamond by covering the three most overrated left fielders.

Final 2022 MLB Award Predictions

We have about six weeks left in the regular season of this sport we know and love, and that means that it is time for...

3 Most Overrated Shortstops

Prior to the events of this past week, ranking the three most overrated shortstops may have been a much tougher endeavor.

3 Most Overrated Third Basemen

Now that the insanity of the trade deadline is over, we return you to your regularly scheduled programming. In today's episode, we cover the three...

MLB: Grading The 2022 Trade Deadline

In what has been a very polarizing trade season, grading the 2022 trade deadline will prove to be a tough endeavor. Many prospects were dealt,...

MLB Trade Deadline 2022: 3 Big Trades that Need to Happen

With the trade deadline less than 48 hours away, there are three trades that need to happen that will turn the baseball world upside down....

3 Most Overrated Second Basemen

Second base is one of the most overlooked positions in the game. Its history is filled with constantly overlooked guys that provide offensive value in...

3 Most Overrated First Basemen

In today's edition of our most overrated series, we will review the three most overrated first basemen currently in the game. Previously, we covered catchers...

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