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After graduating from Longwood University in 2021, Jared started his professional career by joining the LWOS team. Based out of the D.C. area, he mainly enjoys hockey, football, and soccer. Jared first got into sports writing while obtaining his Communication Studies degree at his alma mater, mostly writing and live-tweeting about the men's soccer team. He worked for a local newspaper in high school and hopes to one day be a public relations specialist for a major sports team.
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The Legacy of Rod Gilbert – ‘Mr. Ranger’

The Legacy of Rod Gilbert

2021 NHL Draft: The Washington Capitals Draft Selections

The Washington Capitals draft selections are in with the 2021 NHL Draft in the rearview. The NHL Draft was completed with the first round occurring...

NHL Expansion Draft: Seattle Kraken’s Top Five Highest-Paid Selections

With the 2021 NHL Expansion Draft completed, this article examines the top 5 highest-paid selections that the Seattle Kraken made.

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