Atlanta Braves oldest pitcher

Atlanta Braves Oldest Pitcher Still Has the Right Stuff

The Atlanta Braves are off to a quick start, taking a big opening series against the rival Philadelphia Phillies. Now, the stage was set for pitcher Charlie Morton in a more challenging faceoff on a cold day in Chicago on Monday. Their veteran pitcher would rise to the occasion and emerge as the star of the day despite the chilly weather that could have potentially hindered his performance.

Atlanta Braves Oldest Pitcher still has the Right Stuff


Morton’s Debut Amidst the Cold Chicago Winds

Charlie Morton, who is set to be in his final season of MLB at 40 years old, showed up hot in his season debut with the Braves. Despite the harsh weather conditions, Morton proved that crafty veteran skill and determination could outshine any obstacle. He even silenced the red-hot Luis Roberts Jr. Morton struck out Roberts times straight times, he would end the day 0-4 striking out in all four appearances.

Morton’s Performance on the Mound

Morton’s initial performance on the mound was shaky, likely partly due to the windy, cold weather. At first, he seemed to have trouble maintaining a firm grip on the baseball. But Morton, the seasoned vet with over 350 games, quickly adapted to the situation. He pitched an impressive game spanning 5.2 innings without conceding a single run.

Morton displayed remarkable control over his game throughout his stint on the mound. Despite the White Sox securing three hits, he managed to maintain his composure. He walked two batters and struck out six, a commendable feat considering the circumstances.

Morton’s fastball remained consistent throughout the day, primarily in the 94-95 mph range. His curveball was sharp as ever, hinting at the experience and expertise that has kept him at the top of his game for so long. One of his curveballs even hit a whopping 3,152 RPMs, a truly elite-level spin.

The Braves Rotation is Looking Sharp So Far, Except for One

Mortin will fit nicely as the fourth man in the rotation if he stays healthy. Chris Sale wasn’t outstanding against the Phillies on Easter Sunday, earning the Braves their only loss of the season, but pitched well enough not to be a liability. Spencer Strider was the Ace we all expected, but then there was Max Fried‘s ugly half-inning.

 We stated we were expecting a big year from Fried, who rarely loses a game, but one lousy call Saturday exploded into an early departure from Fried. It wasn’t just a terrible call; it was downright suspicious with two out left in the first inning. We just have to chalk this up to happenstance; the bats rebounded and brought in the win, so all’s well that ends well. Fried will get another shot on Friday against the Diamondbacks to make it right.

Main Image: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

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