A Christmas List and New Year’s Resolution For The Cowboys

After the Dallas Cowboys finished bird hunting the last two weeks they find themselves first in the division and the second seed in the NFC. So far they’ve silenced the “they haven’t played anybody” crowd but have a big-time matchup Sunday at 4:25 pm. They’ve been “standing on business” as many like to say and look to keep it up.

With a win on Sunday, they’ll clinch a playoff spot. However it’s not easy to go into Orchard Park and win, that’s why they’re a two-and-a-half-point underdog. Win or lose there’s a lot the Cowboys need for the Holidays to clear their patch to the Super Bowl. Here’s a Christmas List and New Year’s Resolution for the Cowboys.

A Christmas List and New Year’s Resolution For The Cowboys

Help A Brother Out

The first thing the Cowboys probably should ask for is a little push from the 12th man. With the Philadelphia Eagles heading to face the Seattle Seahawks they’ll love and actually need the Seahawks to pull off the upset. Here’s why, with both teams sitting at 10-3 if the Eagles win out they’ll win the NFC East. The Seahawks also find this a meaningful game because they’re just outside the playoff picture and a loss could significantly drop their chances. Hopefully, Mike McCarthy called Pete Carroll and offered an incentive ahead of Monday night.

Last season after the Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Cowboys, that loss basically helped the Eagles clinch the NFC East. To show his appreciation, Nick Sirianni sent the Jags cheesesteaks and fries from a restaurant in Jacksonville that serves the iconic Philly dish. If the Seahawks can handle their business and upset the Eagles, McCarthy should return the favor. They’ll be a step closer to the playoffs and can celebrate with Texas BBQ or Tex-Mex.

Business is Business

The Cowboys are going to need help but they can’t control the outside factors. They have to keep their foot on the gas and it’s going to start on Sunday with beating the Buffalo Bills, a team they’ve struggled with the last two teams they’ve met. Their last meeting was on Thanksgiving in 2019 when the Bills punched them in the mouth and even mocked Prescott’s pregame warmup on the sideline. With the Bills still in the playoff hunt and probably riding the momentum after their win last week, they should ruin Christmas for the Bills.

On Christmas Eve, they’ll face the Miami Dolphins on the road. The Cowboys have won four straight against the Dolphins, but something about playing in Florida doesn’t go well for them. In their last six games, they’re 2-4 with their last regular season win coming in Miami in 2015. Dan Quinn’s defense against the Cheetah should be a fun one and both teams need this game.

They’ll finish the last two games with the Detroit Lions and Washington Commanders. They’ve won five straight against the Lions and could potentially match up for a second time in the playoffs. Hopefully, when it’s time to meet the Commanders they’ll be resting starters and getting ready for the first round of the playoffs or getting a bit of extra rest with a possible first-round bye.

New Year, Different Team

Going into the New Year it’s all about changing who you were the previous year and making a list of goals to accomplish. The Cowboys should have a list for themselves with consistency in the playoffs being at the top. The narrative has been “it’s the same ole Cowboys” and unfortunately it has. It’s true to an extent that the regular season doesn’t matter and being the top dog doesn’t matter especially in January. Everyone wants to know if they can do it in the playoffs. If they come out of this stretch 2-1 or even 3-0 (not including the Commanders) without a doubt they’ll be able to change the narrative.

Cowboys fans should be very confident in their team when the postseason arrives. Dak Prescott continues to show why he’s the NFL’s MVP and they’re doing everything the fans are asking for, continuing to win. Truthfully this is the most consistent and well-rounded Cowboys team since Dak Prescott’s rookie year. They’ve been a completely different team since the week five loss and there hasn’t been a team playing better than they have the last five weeks.

Main Image: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

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