22/23 UEFA Europa League

4 Teams Likely to Win the 22/23 UEFA Europa League

For quite some time, the UEFA Europa League, Europe’s second-tier competition, has been hidden in the shadows of Wednesday night football, the UEFA Champions League. Many soccer fans regard the UEFA Europa League as inferior. However, with some of Europe’s biggest clubs, such as Manchester United, Barcelona, and Juventus becoming sleeping giants, there has been enough buzz for the 22/23 UEFA Europa League, its competitors, and its intended winners.

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you four teams that can find themselves smiling at the end of the 22/23 UEFA Europa League, with the first set of playoff games set to be played on the 16th of February 2023.

4 Teams Likely to win the 22/23 UEFA Europa League


The “I Giallorossi”, who is also known as The Yellow and Reds, might not seem likely candidates as they stand fourth in the Italian Serie A table. Still, you can not underestimate Jose Mourinho and his Roma side.

Mourinho’s trophy cabinet screams loudly of success with 22 trophies. He is known as the manager who molds warriors out of underdogs, winning the champions league with Porto in 2004, Inter Milan in 2010, with both teams being the obvious underdogs going on to win it. Lately, Jose Mourinho led Roma to win the newly-created UEFA European Conference League in the 21/22 season. Without a doubt, Mourinho, who has won four major European trophies, can lead Roma to a 22/23 Europa League victory. You might doubt it, but it is possible.


The old lady has struggled on and off the field, but winning the 22/23 UEFA Europa League is the only way to restore their reputation.

With Massimiliano Allegri leading Juventus through these turbulent times, they still have the squad to become champions of European second-tier competition. Ninth in the Serie A table and almost out of reach of a Champions League spot, the 22/23 UEFA Europa League looks like the only lifeline Juventus have to compete in the Champions League next season, hence why they will fight to win the Europa league.

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Mikel Arteta and his young gunners have been impressive all season. Despite all doubts from different pundits, fans, and football fanatics alike, Arteta and his boys have won 16 of their 21 Premier League games, losing two, and earning themselves three draws. Arsenal looks like a team that has a structure, a pattern of play, and the necessary grit that might help them win the Europa League only, just only if they don’t capitulate.

Manchester United

Marcus Rashford has now scored 13 goals in his last 15 games for Manchester United, helping the Red Devils build a quite formidable form putting into consideration the almost devastating way they started this season. With the team about to battle Barcelona in the first-leg playoff, I think with this amazing form, Manchester United has what it takes to win against Barcelona and go on to win the 22/23 UEFA Europa League.

The 22/23 season features a lot more formidable teams competing for the UEFA Europa League championship, including Barcelona, who are in top form, Sevilla, who have established a track record as consistent winners of the trophy, and Real Sociedad, who have up to this point in the season pushed the Laliga heavyweights to the limit.

The 22/23 UEFA Europa League is unquestionably going to provide soccer fans with some exciting matches, drama, and a deserving champion in the end.

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