Big MLB Moments to Look Out for in 2022


There are plenty of changes and massive MLB moments coming in 2022. Whether youre in the industry or a seasoned fan of the sport, its important to stay ahead of the curve so you can understand how the game is changing for the future. Here are some of the biggest moments to look out for in Major League baseball during 2022.

Big MLB moments to look out for in 2022

Return of the Field of Dreams

The rumors are true. The iconic baseball field in Iowa has been purchased by an anonymous buyer, who plans to restore the building back to its former glory. Excitement is palpable throughout the nation about this announcement, and many speculate that it can only mean one thing: The return of Spring Training for Major League Baseball.

Umpire review

For years, umpires have been under scrutiny for bad ball-and-strike calls. That’s why the MLB has implemented a new feature that will remove this aspect of watching baseball games. The system uses night vision to detect whether or not pitches are being thrown within the strike zone, employing drones to ensure accuracy. This new change has been largely supported by fans, players, and teams alike.

This will no doubt help those of us who like to bet on the games. Ideally, an umpire review should remove some unsavory situations. This will help baseball betting by making it easier to find surer calls.

No more 4-day Weekends

As of 2022, MLB teams will no longer have four-day weekends with an off-day on Monday. Instead, each team will be given three days offfor the weekend series. The new schedule ensures that all players will get at least one day off within 72 hours of pitching or playing every game in a series. This change will reduce the number of injuries for players and provide a more reliable competitive structure.

The 2022 All-Star Game will be hosted by …

The Dodgers! The 2022 MLB All-Star game was announced to be held in Los Angeles, with Dodger Stadium playing host to the mid-season event. This is a fitting place for baseballs best to gather and showcase their talents. Fans are already waiting to snatch up tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Improved bases

In an effort to reduce the number of injuries that players incur from sliding into bases, MLB is implementing a new rule that will require base runners to use a new design that will reduce risk and help keep players safe. The new design will make it easier for base runners to get in and out of the bases while also providing some additional cushion for players on either end of the slide.

This change has been supported by players and coaches alike, as there have been far too many injuries resulting from incorrect slides.

There is certainly much to think about when it comes to the future of baseball in 2022. Itll be interesting to see where the sport goes next. One things for certain, it will always be entertaining.

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