3 NFL Superstars that could make it in Professional Weight Lifting

The NFL superstars have it all. These athletes have abilities like no other, and that is what landed them in the league. 

Whether it is speed, strength, or skill alone, all of these athletes were good enough to make it into the NFL. The NFL is loaded with superstars, some of their talents make people question whether they would be great in other sports. 

Some NFL stars are known for their freakish strength. Viral videos have gone all over the internet of these guys lifting weights and it is insane.

The world of professional powerlifting and strongman is very underground. Guys like Brian Shaw and Eddie Hall have helped it go mainstream, however. 

Though Shaw and Hall are giant human beings that lift weights for a living, there are still some NFL superstars that could make it in professional weight lifting. 

We acknowledge that there are way more than three NFL superstars that could make it in this competitive sport, but here are three that would be the most successful. We are trying to not limit these entries to just linemen, as they are the biggest dudes in the NFL. 

3 NFL Superstars that Could Make it in Pro Weight Lifting

Aaron Donald

Just look at the size of this man. Aaron Donald is the most feared defensive player in the entire NFL. He gives quarterbacks nightmares with his quick moves at the line and his freakish size.

But let’s look at his size. Standing at 6’1” and 284 pounds, his weight lifting routine is one that could help him hang around with guys like Ronnie Coleman. 

Videos of Donald lifting weights can be found all over the internet and they are fascinating to watch. One video shows Donald using boards and resistance bands on the bench press. These methods were created by Louie Simmons of Westside Barbell, a gym that gave the world some of the greatest powerlifters.

Donald can also bench 495 pounds raw. This is an incredible feat of strength for someone his weight and height.

D.K. Metcalf

I’m sure we have all seen that viral picture all around social media. You know, the one of Metcalf flexing and looking big and buff.

That all comes from pure strength. Metcalf is known for his athletic ability and speed. He even attempted to qualify for the Olympic track team, which he was unsuccessful in. But why not try powerlifting?

Metcalf sure has great strength for his size, standing at 6’4” and 229 pounds. At his combine, he bench pressed 225 pounds for 27 reps. This was at a time where he was probably weighing a little less than he does now, which is impressive. 

While the bench press is what gets the most attention, I wouldn’t be surprised if Metcalf can press over 250 pounds over his head. That is a workout that I would like to see. 

Saquon Barkley

They don’t call him “Saquads” for nothing. The New York Giants running back is not only known for being one of the best running backs in the league but he is also known for having the biggest legs in the league.

Barkley was a standout football prospect at Penn State, but you could argue that he was even better in the weight room. In college, Barkley squatted 495 pounds for seven reps. Yes, seven, Most guys are only going for that for a one-rep max in college. 

I’m sure we have all seen the video of Barkley power clean 405 pounds. There was a video all over the internet when he did that. I’m sure if Barkley stuck to powerlifting, he could shatter that weight since he has gotten stronger since entering the NFL. 

Barkley is one of the biggest NFL superstars today, and this wouldn’t be if it weren’t for his great feats of strength in the weight room.

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