2021 Kentucky Derby

2021 Kentucky Derby Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

After a series of interruptions and setbacks last year, one of the world’s premier horse race meetings, the 2021 Kentucky Derby, will finally launch from the starting stalls from April 30 to May 1, 2021. Last year, the Derby ended up in the third quarter of the year, behind closed doors due to the pandemic.

However, as we stepped into 2021, the Kentucky Derby organization had decided to return the event to its original date. Besides, the team is looking forward to a more festive horse racing competition as fans may descend to participate not only in the incredible entertainment, tradition, and sports culture but in the betting games it carries.

2021 Kentucky Derby Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

As a fan and bettor, it’s essential to make sure you know everything about the race before you start betting. While it’s still far to name the lineup of horses that might compete in this year’s Run For The Roses, here is your ultimate guide to the 2021 Kentucky Derby, and the most common FAQs every horse racing fan must take heed of.

What, When, and Where is the 2021 Kentucky Derby?

The Kentucky Derby is the launching horse racing showdown of the U.S. Triple Crown Series. It is a Grade 1 stakes competition that highlights three-year-old colts from all over the world. The Derby has existed since 1875 and will have its 146th edition in the next few months.

The Run For The Roses will take place in its home field at Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky. On April 30 and May 1, 2021, the field is expected to showcase another batch of three-year-old thoroughbreds aiming to win more than a million-dollar prize.

How do Horses qualify in the Derby?

Earning a berth in the 2021 Kentucky Derby is not easy. Every hopeful needs to go through the Derby trails, which comprise more than thirty races. Although each track can offer a prize that adds to the racehorse earnings, they must secure placement to earn qualifying points.

Only the top four finishers will earn points based on their rank. Also, the top 20 racehorses at the end of the trail will become the Run For The Roses’ official participants. Horses who won notable Derby Championship Series like the Arkansas Derby and Blue Grass Stakes will earn their spot, too.

What Are the Different Derby Betting Games?

Unlike the popular sports betting games you know, the Derby offers massive wagering games in many categories. Through this, sports bettors have more comprehensive selections allowing them to increase their chances of winning. The Derby betting games are divided into two main categories: the Straight Wagers and Exotic Wagers.

Straight Wagers

Win. It is picking the most deserving horse that might win the race. If your chosen racehorse triumphs, you win the prize in this category.

Place. You are allowed to bet on more than one entry in this category. Regardless of your chosen horses winning either the title or second place, you will still get the reward.

Show. The show bet is a more secure wager you can place. If you need assurance that you can still win even if your horse isn’t the winner, a Show bet is your best option. When your entry finishes either in first, second, or third place, you get what you deserve.

Exotic Wagers

Exacta. This category entices a bigger reward, but you must choose two horses to win in the first and second-order correctly.

Trifecta. A more challenging category that needs timing and efficiency, Trifecta allows you to bet on three horses in the field, which can precisely finish in the first, second, and third placements.

Superfecta. If you think that you got the best horse race betting skill, then Superfecta is the category you can gamble. It will test your real betting talent as this requires you to select four horses in the field, which will surely conquer the title, second, third, and fourth placements accordingly.

Are There Any Events Aside From Horse Racing?

The Churchill Downs Incorporated made a two-day Derby festival to highlight a grand racing show. However, it is not the only activity that every fan can expect. The Derby festival has many things to offer that will surely help you appreciate the culture of horse racing.

One of the things you can do is to strut your rodeo-inspired outfits and take part in the red carpet showdown. The Derby offers an impressive reward to the entries who got the best outfit in the event. You can also participate in the grand-party held during the night when you can drink the signature cocktail, Mint Julep.

Enjoy The Event

The 2021 Kentucky Derby is one of the most anticipated horse racing competitions in the world. You don’t only have the chance to see the mightiest racehorses on earth, but you can take part in the betting games and at the same time learn the whole culture of this racing event.

If you are looking forward to seeing yourself or missed the Derby last year, this is the time to save the date and get stunned how this event can give you the most enticing scent of the Run For The Roses this year.

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