Top Picks for Preakness Stakes 2020

    Preakness Stakes 2020

    The long wait is over. Finally, the Triple Crown Series has already shown its form. From a long hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, the horse racing association has finally started. Run first on the series is the Belmont Stake and followed by the Kentucky Derby. Though it’s quite unusual from the Triple Crown’s original setting, the fans are still thrilled to witness every race. Tiz the Law dominated the Belmont Stakes while Authentic, trained by the famous horse trainer Bob Baffert won the Kentucky Derby. What’s left is the final leg of the series, the Preakness Stakes 2020.

    Now, many fans and racing enthusiasts look forward to what horses will run in the upcoming race. A lot of anticipation as some new names and challengers will face to face the running champs, but the list is not yet final.

    But let us look at what we have now and dig deeper into the Preakness Stakes this coming October.

    Top Picks For Preakness Stakes 2020

    Favorite Horses to Race

    There’s no lie in there that fans and horse racing enthusiasts will bet on their favorite horse. There’s already a lot of assumption that Tiz the Law and Authentic will obviously be there and will be the top 2020 Preakness picks for many fans. Yet, as long as the list is not yet final, these are just all speculations.

    However, it’s not just the running champions expected to run the Preakness Stake this October. While favorite horses will surely dominate the media and the entertainment section, the underdogs’ challenges cannot be denied. Many challengers have shown their grave effort in giving the champs a tough time on the field from the last legs.

    Challengers Possible to Make It

    For one, during the Kentucky Derby, Mr. Big News has shown great potential while on the field. He came close to Tiz the Law and Authentic with his controlled run routine, giving a thrilling last-mile excitement for all the fans watching at their home. On the other hand, another great contender is Thousand Words, an Authentic stablemate and trained by Bob Baffert himself.

    According to Coley Blind, a well-known gatekeeper for 12 years and also a stakes coordinator for the Maryland Jockey Club, anticipated that there would be five horses that would challenge Authentic in this upcoming Preakness Stakes.

    Thousand Words will be joined with three new shooters such as Art Collector, Pneumatic, and Happy Saver on the field to give Authentic a tough time. With this speculation and if Tiz the Law will enlist, many great potentials will be present on the field to give every fan out there a good time.

    Preakness Stakes Current Odds

    Though the final list is not yet in since its formal submission deadline will be on September 28, many sportsbooks already posted an early odds for Preakness Stakes this October. The current odds are quite surprising. It shows that many new shooters are already getting attention.

    Current Preakness odds show Authentic as the top betting favorite with +150, followed by Tiz the Law with +300. The half difference might be small, but the difference from the two is the effect of Authentic winning the Kentucky Derby. It’s not surprising, though, but what’s more exciting is what follows them behind. Art Collector had a +350, a very close difference with Tiz the Law.

    If not with the injury Art Collector experienced before the Belmont Stakes, the public has shown great favoritism to Art Collector to run close behind Tiz the Law and probably give him a tough time to conquer Belmont’s field. He was actually the second choice of the betting public during the Belmont Stakes.

    Mr. Big News is still considered as the underdog with the current odds with a 16/1. Honor A.P., which also runs during the Kentucky Derby with Authentic, has a 6/1, Thousand Words with 10/1, and Happy Saver with 12/1. No wonder why these new shooters are marked to challenge the champs this coming Preakness Stakes.

    However, with Honor A.P., during the Kentucky Derby incurred an injury forcing him to retire and possibly not able to run the Preakness Stakes. News had it that he’s about to retire. Honor A.P. ran at Santa Anita Derby and the closest match to defeat Authentic.


    We are only down to more than a few days before the Triple Crown series’s final leg will commence. There’s still a lot of preparation to refine, and horses are also gearing up for a compact training routine. Like the other legs, Preakness Stakes will start without a live audience. Everything will be a live stream, and fans can watch at the comfort of their home. There will still be many things to happen before October, such as injuries and issues, are expected. The final preparation days are the most crucial, and that’s what every trainer has to look into. We have left now to wait for the day to come and witness what will happen on the field.

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