Jamal Adams Trade Rumors: Why the New York Jets Hold The Cards

Jamal Adams‘ war continues to linger through the dead time in football. Jamal Adams, at one time, wanted a contract extension from the New York Jets. The Jets have decided to play hardball with him from here on out. Recently, Jamal Adams requested a trade out of New York, speculating at the top of the NFL trade rumors. Jamal has a list of seven teams he’d like to go: Baltimore Ravens, Philadelphia Eagles, Kansas City Chiefs, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, San Francisco 49ers, and Houston Texans. Adams has also said he would like a reunion with former Jets head coach Todd Bowles with the Tampa Bay Buccanneers.

Jamal Adams Trade Rumors: Why The New York Jets Hold The Cards

Pre-Draft Contract Buzz/Trade Rumors

Ever since 2018, Jamal Adams has always been talking about getting a big contract. A player of his stature does deserve a contract. Jets general manager Joe Douglas has said that he wants Adams to be a Jet for life. He isn’t just a strong safety. Besides being a safety, Adams can play edge rusher and cornerback as well. Prior to the draft, reports were surfacing that he wouldn’t mind a move to the cornerback position.  The Jets would take California free safety Ashtyn Davis in the 3rd round of the 2020 NFL Draft. At first glance, the pick was questionable. In essence, this was gonna be free safety Marcus Maye‘s replacement for the long term since Maye is in the final year of his contract. It looked as though the Jets weren’t gonna pay their two primary safeties

Jamal Adams & Social Media

At the end of May leading into June, rumors began to surface that Adams began growing unhappy that he wasn’t getting an extension. The extension talks were “slow”. Jamal Adams got to see Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey get a monster contract extension. Adams could only wonder. Then, reports were surfacing on June 12 that star defensive end Myles Garrett and the Cleveland Browns began talking an extension. Adams would take to social media to congratulate Garrett. However, he would also take a shot at the Jets in the process:

“Well deserved MG [Myles Garrett]. I can’t even get my first proposal that they said they would send over in January . . . I was called “selfish” though. A lot of talk no action.”

The Breaking Point

Adams would later comment on a fan’s post angrily venting at Jets fans, again calling out the Jets for “slow” contract extension talks.

“Ohhh I see what this is. I deserve to be paid but when I ask to be taking care of I’m “BEING THAT GUY, huh?”
“What does Pat [Patrick Mahomes] have to do with me? Pat is about to get 40 to 60 M’s a year. Well deserved. That’s my guy. But don’t compare me to QB’s if you aren’t paying me QB money. . . Don’t use the pandemic excuse. CM22 [Christian McCaffrey] got paid not too long ago. Well deserved. . . . Ima protect myself just like an organization will look out for themselves at the end of the day. & if you guys don’t respect that, cool. It’s all luv. Maybe it’s time to move on.”

A few hours later, Jamal Adams would officially make a trade request out of New York.

Then, a fan saw Jamal Adams come out of his SUV and asked him: “Hey Jamal, are you gonna come to Dallas”

Jamal Adams replied: “Yah, I’m trying to.”

It Isn’t Just the $

It isn’t just the money that made Adams request a trade. In a recent report released by New York Daily News reporter Manish Mehta, he highlights Jamal has felt uncomfortable about his future with the Jets because of head coach Adam Gase. Gase doesn’t have the greatest reputation of all coaches. He is spited for lack of support and inability to lead a team. Some of his former players don’t like him. Those would be Browns star receiver Jarvis Landry and Chiefs running back Damien Williams. But, Gase has been praised by some of his former players like veteran receivers Demaryius Thomas and Alshon Jeffery as well as the ageless wonder, Frank Gore.

The Jets’ Perspective

In all seriousness, the Jets have made it clear time and time again that they want to make strong safety Jamal Adams a life-long Jet. Why not? He’s the best defensive player on the team. On April 27, the Jets extended Jamal’s fifth-year option on his contract. This would mean 2021 would be his final season under his current contract unless the Jets decide to franchise tag him. There is also uncertainty with the NFL cap situation in regards to the worldwide pandemic. If the NFL loses revenue, the cap will decrease and teams will have more of a restricted wallet. In essence, you don’t have to pay Jamal Adams now.

Why & How The Jets Hold The Cards:

  1. Jamal Adams has 2-3 years left on his contract: In April, the Jets extended Adams’ fifth-year option, which extends his contract for a year and prevents him from hitting free agency in 2021. Yes, the Jets haven’t had drafted a premiere talent since star cornerback Darrelle Revis. What are the chances you draft a star like Jamal Adams? Not many chances. Under the new CBA, the Jets could fine Jamal Adams as much as $40,000 for holding out of training camp. Fines are mandatory and no longer optional. If he holds out for training camp & regular season, he will lose even more money. Ezekiel Elliott was fined around $1.7 million for missing training camp and preseason. For Adams, it could be worse.
  2. NFL Cap Uncertainty:  The NFL Cap is currently at $198 million. We could see a fall due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic. The NFL would definitely receive TV and viewer revenue. But, will they receive revenue from filled seats? The NFL revealed a plan in which the first 6-8 rows in the stadium would be covered. The Jets are lucky enough to have the 2nd best attendance in the NFL. The Jets currently have $26 million in cap space. Is it enough for someone who wants $20 million a year when you’ll eventually have to pay your rookies and your quarterback?

3. Trade Destinations for Jamal Adams: 

As stated above, Jamal Adams wants to be traded to one of these seven teams:

  • Houston Texans
  • Kansas City Chiefs
  • Seattle Seahawks
  • San Francisco 49ers
  • Philadelphia Eagles
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Jamal Adams trade rumors are only just heating up. However, the Jets do not have to trade him to the aforementioned teams because he hasn’t waived a no-trade clause to any team. The Jets could upset Adams by trading him to the rebuilding Jacksonville Jaguars for picks and edge rusher Yannick Ngakoue. All the teams mentioned above are win-now teams. Do you dare trade him to the rebuilding rival Miami Dolphins? The Jets could trade him to any team they want. What’s important is the Jets get a reasonable and fair return.


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