XFL: Notable Rule Changes

The XFL has released their league rules on Tuesday. There are a lot of interesting and intriguing rules that differ from the NFL and some are even new. They want to introduce a new brand of football and be different than other leagues. It will be interesting to see how these rules will be implemented and used in the new league.

XFL: Notable Rule Changes

A Possible 9-Point Play

The XFL wanted to introduce a new brand of football and well, this certainly does that. There will be no more kicking PATs, as there will be a new way to score after a touchdown. A team can either do one of the three:

  • A successful play from the one-yard line = one point
  • Five-yard line = two points
  • Ten-yard line = three points

The defense will also be able to score on these plays. If a defense scores on a one-point play, they get the point and so on. This will bring an interesting strategy to the game, especially at the end of the game. This is a very interesting rule but can be a very exciting one.

Double Forward Passes

This might be the most interesting rule of them all. A double forward pass in football? The rule is simple and can be very thrilling.

A team can attempt two forward passes as long as both originate behind the line of scrimmage. This means there can be a lot of big plays happening which everyone loves, especially trick plays.

The Kickoff/Punt Returns

The XFL wants kickoffs and punts to be an exciting play in football again but also make it safe. This new rule will do both and make sure people enjoy the play. On kickoffs, the ball will be kicked on the 25-yard line as the coverage team lines up at the 35. Both the coverage team and the return team can’t move until the kick if caught or is in play for at least three seconds. If there is a touchback, the ball will be placed on the 35. If the kicks land short of the 20-yard line or goes out of bounds, it will be a ten-yard penalty and the ball will be placed at the 45.

Punts are similar in their own way. If the punt lands in the end-zone, it will be put on the 35-yard line. If it travels out of bounds between the endzone and the 35, it will also be put on the 35-yard line. Coverage teams can’t go past the line of scrimmage until the ball is punted. There will also be strategy in if teams want to punt or not when they’re at a certain spot on the field. We’ve seen kick returns make names and people’s careers. It will definitely get people on the edge of their seats on returns.

Shoot-out Style OT

Many people don’t like the overtime rules in the NFL and they want a change. In the XFL, it has completely changed and people like it. The overtime period will consist of five possessions for each team. Teams will get one play from the five-yard line in each round and each score will be two points. Obviously, the team with more points after five rounds wins but if it’s tied, overtime will continue round by round until the tie is broken. That means there are no more ties. This overtime will be fun and enjoyable to watch.

Other Notable Rules:

  • A 25-second play clock
  • Each game will have a ball spotter
  • Required only one foot in bounds as opposed to two feet
  • Running clock, except in the final two minutes of each half

Welcome To The XFL

The XFL is slated to kick-off on February 8th of this year and it can’t come soon enough. The first-ever game will be played between the Seattle Dragons and the DC Defenders.

The league will have four teams in two divisions, the East and West. The East will include the Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks, and the Tampa Bay Vipers. The West will include the Dragons, Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, and Los Angeles Wildcats. Teams will play ten games with five being at home and five away. Many are very excited for the XFL to start and they want it to last way beyond a couple of years.


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