A Tough Weekend for Ohio State Sports

It was not a good weekend at all if you’re an Ohio State sports fan. The football team entered a playoff game as the number two team and lost. The basketball program entered the weekend also as the number two team and lost at home. Ohio State is a great sports school and it hurt fans to see this happen but it’s all apart of being a fan. It’s ok, there’s always next year.

A Tough Weekend for Ohio State Sports


The biggest game of the year took place on Saturday with the program. They faced number three Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl for a chance to go to the National Championship. Everybody knew this was going to be a fight and it was. Ohio State football was number two in the country. They looked like they were going to run away with it early as they took a 16-0 lead in the second. They were the better team for the first part of the game but a few questionable calls swung the momentum.

Clemson came within two at half as it was 16-14. The game then went back and forth and Clemson pulled it out. Ohio State lost a heart-breaking game and they know they can’t replay it again. They were a very talented team with quarterback Justin Fields and Running back J.K. Dobbins. They were hoping the basketball team could make the weekend just a little better but that didn’t happen. 


Ohio State Basketball has had a very good start to the year. They beat Cincinnati and Villinova earlier in the season. Then they blew out North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Even though UNC isn’t having a good year, going to Chapel Hill to face a ranked team at the time is tough. They played teams tough and didn’t lose a game until December 15th at Minnesota.

Ohio State was 11-1 and the number two team in the country heading into their match-up against number 22 West Virginia. They were focused on this game but everyone knew what happened with football the day before. It was close throughout the whole game but West Virginia created space in the second half. West Virginia beat Ohio State 67-59 in Cleveland. College Basketball has seen games like these happen throughout the year but nobody thought it would happen on Sunday. They will still be a tough team but this game was the second heart-breaker that happened with Ohio State sports this weekend.

Buckeye Down

It would’ve been great if both programs were able to do the unthinkable and win it all. They still have a chance in basketball but neither loss felt good at all. Both teams were number two in their respective sports and both looked like they were the team to beat, especially in football. The basketball program can save it all with a deep run or a national championship but that won’t be easy. Football will bounce-back and be very good next year and basketball still has a lot of season left. Don’t worry Ohio State fans, these teams aren’t going anywhere.

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