Dwight Howard Is a Man Reborn

Dwight Howard was once a name people would often compare to the great Shaquille O’Neal. Many thought he was in line for the title of the most dominant big man in the league. Locker room mishaps and nagging injuries seemed to put a screeching halt to all of that. Now, Howard is back is looking to be reborn by a second stint with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Dwight Howard Reborn on The Lakers?

A Look In Back

Dwight Howard had a very promising career or so it seemed. Getting drafted by the Orlando Magic number one overall, winning three defensive player of the year awards, numerous all-star appearances and even an appearance in the NBA Finals, he seemed to be on the upward climb. Things would change once he joined the Lakers in the 2013 NBA season. Nagging injuries and an ongoing feud with superstar Kobe Bryant would ultimately cause Howard to walk away that offseason and join James Harden and the Houston Rockets.

Things didn’t seem to end there for Howard. Coach Kevin Mchale getting fired, multiple playoff exits and a running rumor that Harden and Howard weren’t seeing eye to eye, led to Howard’s departure from Houston. Howard would have brief stops with the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, and Washington Wizards.

All Smiles No Action

Along the way of Howards many stops with different teams, he seemingly gained the reputation of being a bad teammate. Some would say a “cancer” in the locker room. Rumors surfaced that players just didn’t like playing with Howard. Bryant had often been critical of Howard,  claiming the big man didn’t have the killer instinct needed to win a championship and was “soft”. Those same rumors had surfaced from other players around the league. With the league changing and turning to a more fast-paced style of play, along with the three-point shot being more prevalent, a player like him just couldn’t exist. One of the remedies for this was Howard developing a three-point shot to fit into the league. Hearing those things didn’t sit too well with teammates which lead to his early exit once again.

A Man Reborn

Howard found himself hit with the injury bug once again during his time with the Wizards. He was later traded in the offseason to the Memphis Grizzlies and later found himself waived. Recovering from injury, having negative rumors, and seemingly not being able to find a solid home in the league, Howard seemingly hit rock bottom. After a Demarcus Cousins injury hit the Lakers, He may have another shot at redemption.

The Lakers were in need of a backup center and Howard was in need of a team. It would seem it was a match made in heaven right? Well, the only downside was during his previous stint with the Lakers in 2013 he rubbed the organization the wrong way.

Howard has claimed that he has turned a new leaf. He is eager and ready to commit to changing the negative narrative about him. He stated he will help the Lakers any way he can and will suppress any ego he has. If that is true, it might be a good time to say Superman has been reborn.

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