Why New York Giants Cornerback Sam Beal will be a Bust

The NFL Supplemental Draft was yesterday, July 11th, and it saw two teams win bids and land supplemental players. The Washington Redskins gave up a sixth round pick next year to land cornerback Adonis Alexander from Virginia Tech and the New York Giants took cornerback Sam Beal from Western Michigan.

Sam Beal came off a good 2017 season and was projected as a second round pick in the 2019 NFL Draft. He lost his college eligibility for the 2018 season due to academic reasons, and entered the supplemental draft.

Beal started 11 games in 2017, collecting 26 tackles, deflecting 10 passes and intercepting another 2. He was second team all-MAC last season, and was projected to be 1st team all-MAC this season.

Upon some investigation into his college tape, I am quite convinced that Sam Beal will be one of the biggest busts we have seen for quite some time. Here is why Sam Beal will be a bust in the NFL.

Why Sam Beal will be a bust in the NFL

Cornerbacks have two “jobs” to perform as a whole of a position. Their first priority is to stop a pass from getting to a receiver. If the pass gets through and the receiver catches it, the priority shifts to making sure that the receiver is tackled.

After watching the tape, its hard to believe that Sam Beal collected 26 tackles last season. He almost shy’s away from contact, and teams were game-planning to him, trying to get him into an open field situation where he would be the only defender left to stop a touchdown. He missed so many open field tackles last season because he is uncomfortable tackling.

Even the best cornerbacks let a few balls get by. It happens, but when it does, a defensive coordinator wants to know that his man will punish the receiver for catching the football. Beal isn’t that kind of a player.

Beal has some ball skills. He can move his hips and adjust to passes very well. However, he lacks the strength he needs to play effectively in the NFL. If he doesn’t get stronger and learn how to tackle, he will be a liability for his team while he is on the field.

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