Why LeBron James should play for your NBA team. Part 1

Lebron James
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LeBron James is by far the most intriguing free agent this offseason in the NBA. many teams will go all out in trying to sign the best basketball player on earth. While some teams such as the Rockets and 76ers are rumored to have an actual chance at the King, all 30 teams would benefit from his services. He probably will not consider most teams, but each team has at least something to offer. In breaking down each team, a realistic probability will be given they sign LeBron this offseason.

Why LeBron James should play for your team Part One

Atlanta Hawks- 1%

Kent Bazemore and Dennis Schroder are good, but not great players however are better than what LeBron has in Cleveland. A very loyal fan base and a large market for business ventures account for at least a little.

Boston Celtics- 15%

Kyrie Irving has played with LeBron, and when he left the hole was obvious on the Cavaliers. Kyrie allowed for less attention on LeBron by defenders since they had two stars to deal with. Having him to take pressure off as he gets older could be a great reason for a reunion. Boston is one of the most historic NBA franchises. For someone who respects the game as much as James does, the history might be a reason to sign. He would stay in the East and have pieces such as Terry Rozier, Jaylen Brown, and Gordon Hayward to contend with. After an amazing rookie season, Jayson Tatum could learn from an all time great and become even better, terrifying opponents for the next decade. LeBron could win multiple championships with the Celtics, possibly catching the ghost in Chicago.

Brooklyn Nets- 1%

Located in New York City, the off the court opportunities would be intriguing for the King. As of now, the Nets have average to above average talent, but with LeBron they are instantly a playoff team. Jeremy Lin, Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, and D’Angelo Russell all are solid players, and with some wisdom from LeBron could take the next step. LeBron is close friends with former owner Jay-Z, maybe that would entice him to see his friend more often.

Charlotte Hornets- 5%

He wants to chase the ghost in Chicago, why not team up with him? LeBron could end the debate of who is the GOAT if Michael Jordan hands him the Larry O’Brien trophy. He would stay in the East and avoid the Rockets and Warriors until the Finals. Many people thought Kemba Walker would be a great player to trade to the Cavaliers, perhaps they might play well together after all. Charlotte has a young team and most of them are in their primes. If LeBron really wants to be the GOAT, to win a title with the current one might finally put the debate to rest.

Chicago Bulls- 2%

To chase the ghost in Chicago, why not do it where he dominated? Chicago is a basketball town, and is one of the largest cities in America for off the court ventures. 23 may be taken, but Cristiano Felicio would almost certainly hand over 6 if LeBron signed in the Windy City. Zach Lavine and Lauri Markannen both are promising players, and the history of the Bulls would be enough to bring along someone like Paul George or Demarcus Cousins. Cousins could be the next Dennis Rodman and help LeBron bring a seventh title to the franchise. With the seventh pick in the draft, Chicago could take someone with potential and add another piece for LeBron to dethrone the Warriors.

Cleveland Cavaliers- 12%

LeBron’s hometown of Akron is about a 40 minute drive, and he is obviously close to his hometown. Coming back to Cleveland and winning the 2016 championship was one of the greatest accomplishments in his life. The joy of bringing those fans a reason to celebrate was genuine and he would absolutely want to repeat it. However, this Cavaliers team lacks the support necessary to take out Golden State. Kevin Love is a great player, everyone else is below average. They do not have cap space and are unlikely to recruit big names such as Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Dan Gilbert never had the best relationship with James and this could finally be the end of LeBron in Cleveland.

Dallas Mavericks- 3%

Mark Cuban and LeBron both hate losing, perhaps that could lead them to success. Dennis Smith and recently drafted Luka Doncic will help, Dirk is getting old and isn’t the same player. Harrison Barnes is a solid piece, but nowhere near enough to beat the Warriors.

Denver Nuggets- 4%

Nikola Jokic is one of the best big men in the NBA. Jamal Murray is a promising up and coming guard. Millsap is still a solid player. They have some young talent, but not enough to convince LeBron to come to Denver.

Detroit Pistons- 3%

Andre Drummond and Blake Griffin are both great players, but Detroit isn’t the greatest market. The Pistons never get much national attention, and would only get more because of LeBron. It would be interesting to see this big three, but it’s not likely.

Golden State Warriors- 13%

If you can’t beat them, join them- just ask Kevin Durant. Joining this super team with four all stars and solid contributors off the bench would almost guarantee multiple championships for LeBron. No team would have even a chance to beat them, the Warriors would likely contest the Bill Russell Celtics for the most successful dynasty. This is the perfect win now situation, they are already unstoppable without LeBron. Add the greatest player on the planet and Golden State is by far the most talented team in NBA history. LeBron would have to want nearly guaranteed championships more than earning them by beating the best team, but if he did the NBA would be different forever.

Houston Rockets- 20%

This is one of the most realistic scenarios. Chris Paul is close friends with LeBron and has wanted to play with him for years. James Harden is a superstar who would take significant attention and pressure off of LeBron. Clint Capela stepped up and looks to be an all-star caliber center. Eric Gordon is a top sixth man, and Mike D’Antoni is an offensive mastermind who nearly beat the Warriors. LeBron has said he wants less responsibility with the ball, having two ball dominant guards would do that. This team likely plays in the Finals with a healthy CP3, and need one more piece to dethrone the champs. LeBron is by far the best piece they could add, with him Golden State would have some serious competition to make it back to the Finals.

Indiana Pacers- 4%

Victor Oladipo looks to be a star, Myles Turner is a developing but promising prospect. Indiana is a basketball state, and the fans would love to have a superstar of LeBron’s caliber. Indianapolis is much closer to Cleveland than Houston or Philly is, but are most likely longshots to sign the King.

LA Clippers- 7%

LeBron appears to have interest in playing in Southern California, maybe the Clippers could sway him from their neighbors. Deandre Jordan is a top player, and the market allows for many off the court opportunities. If the Lakers try for Kawhi or PG more than LeBron, and if his son is really playing high school ball in LA maybe he will decide the other LA team is the next team.

Los Angeles Lakers- 25%

The tradition the Lakers have is unlike anyone else. Some of the greatest to ever play wore the purple and gold. LeBron is a fan of the game and respects those who came before him. To play for the the most historic basketball team other than the Celtics and Bulls has to be enticing. His son, Bronny is reportedly playing  high school basketball in LA. If this is true it adds to the logic of LeBron moving his family out west to watch and support his son. The Lakers always attract big name stars especially those from Southern California. Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are both reported to be interested in joining the Lakers. Alongside rising stars Kyle Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram the Lakers with LeBron could content as long as 23 stays. A team with these young stars and superstars in LeBron, PG, and Kawhi could push Golden State for a trip to the Finals.

Memphis Grizzlies- 3%

Marc Gasol and Mike Conley are getting old, but are still great players. Memphis is not a attractive market for superstars, and LeBron wants a team who will be contenders now.

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