Five Draw Points of Super Bowl LII Besides the Big Game

HOUSTON, TX - JANUARY 29: The Super Bowl LI Logo inside the NFL Experience at the George R. Brown Convention Center on January 29, 2017, in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

What can draw us to Super Bowl LII other than the game itself? A lot actually, here are the five top things you can watch for if your team isn’t there.

5. You Really Want One Team To Lose

Ok, your team didn’t get into Super Bowl LII, mine didn’t either. The only thing worse than that is a team you hate or the rival of your team winning instead. If you hate one team enough (Cough, cheaters) then you will cheer for anyone instead of them. You will root for Peter Griffin and the London Silly Nannies if that is your other choice. When your favorite team is out, you have real reason to want one side to win, especially in Super Bowl LII.

4. Pregame Interviews With Fans And Tailgaters

This is always amazing to those who have never had the opportunity to do it themselves. The amount of prep work and packing and having almost an entire kitchen in the back of a truck bed. The amount of food some people prepare could feed an army division or two. The smells alone somehow seem to draw you to the tv even though smellovision hasn’t been invented yet. For these hardcore fans, they will brave whatever the weather is outside to cook – temperatures have been below 0 at Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis – commiserate with friends and simply enjoy the day with no tickets to the game itself.

3. Super Bowl Parties

Ok, you don’t have the means to tailgate, that doesn’t mean there will be no food or fun. Many people plan weeks in advance their own super bowl party. The range of the party goes from as simple as a few friends and some drinks and chips. To those who make entire football fields out of deli meats and cheeses. It all focuses around the tv and brings friends together to yell and cheer at all they may see or want to see.

2. The Halftime Show

For the Super Bowl LII halftime show, half of one of the more ‘controversial’ duos is returning for the first time since 2004. Justin Timberlake has finally paid his debt enough to be invited back. Making some people question why is he forgiven and Janet Jackson isn’t? Well, first we don’t even know if Janet would even do the show again after the flack they received. Second, let’s be real, we all know it was not an accident, both of them knew, so let’s move on. Some of the halftime shows are simply amazing both in talent and production.

When Michael Jackson did the show the screams nearly cracked the glass in the VIP booths. The prep work and execution of setting up elaborate stages complete with light shows. Then removing all traces of it without damaging the field for the second half is an amazing feat onto itself. Let alone the talent of the entertainer doing enough of their material in such a short time to keep the fans excited.

1. The Commercials

Any other time, watching any other show or sporting event, commercials are just a bother or an excuse to use the rest room. This is the only time of year that they are almost as much of a draw as the game itself. To have a spot during the super bowl costs big money, so you will only see some of the biggest companies spending this money. Of course, if you are going to spend that kind of money on a tv spot, you are going to want to do something special.

Many of the commercials are funny and set off a campaign with new pitchmen. Some are sweet or cute, some really pull at the heartstrings such as the Budwieser Clydesdale horses bowing their heads to New York City the super bowl after 9/11. There is always at least a few commercials that everyone is talking about at work on Monday.

Bottom line, let’s enjoy the game and hope everyone is safe and happy.

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