Top 10 Mascots in Major League Baseball

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 16: A group of Major League Baseball mascots pose for a photo during the 2013 MLB All-Star Game Red Carpet Show Presented by Chevrolet on July 16, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

Mascots are some of the most entertaining parts of going to the ballgame for fans. Of course there are the people out there who dislike them, i.e. Noah Syndergaard. However, most people love the entertainment provided by the big furry creatures. Here are the Top 10 Mascots in Major League Baseball.

Top 10 Mascots in Baseball

10 Lou Seal (Giants)
First of all what does a Seal have to do with the Giants? However, you can’t go wrong with a Seal mascot!
9 Billy the Marlin (Marlins)
Billy is definitely an interesting looking mascot, but a Marlin mascot is definitely a cool look.
8 Swinging Friar (Padres)
I personally think the Friar, based off of someone who used to come to Padres games, is one of the coolest mascots in baseball.
7 Sluggerrr (Royals)
Sluggerrr is a very cool mascot. One of the coolest touches is the crown coming out of his head.
6 Ace (Blue Jays)
Ace is easily the best of all the birds mascots. The blue is a good color for a mascot.
5 Dinger (Rockies)
How cool is a more fierce Barney, a big purple dinosaur. Interesting choice, but a dinosaur skull was found during the construction of Coors Field, hence Dinger the Dinosaur.
4 Wally the Green Monster (Red Sox)
You can’t go wrong with a big old Green Monster! Wally is one of the coolest looking mascots in baseball.
3 Orbit (Astros)
Orbit has become most famous for his dancing and his run-ins with Chris Archer and Mike Trout.
2 Phillie Fanatic (Phillies)
The good old Fanatic, the enemy of opposing ball clubs, and always providing a good laugh, he’s simply the best.
1 Mr. Met (Mets)
The first actual mascot in Major League Baseball, you can never go wrong with that big baseball head.

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