5 Reasons You Should Want An Eagles Jaguars Super Bowl

PHILADELPHIA, PA - SEPTEMBER 07: Players from the Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars kneel for prayer at the 50-yard line after the Eagles defeated the Jaguars 34-17 during a game at Lincoln Financial Field on September 7, 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

5 Reasons You Should Want An Eagles Jaguars Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles and Jacksonville Jaguars both won their respective divisional matches last playoff weekend. The Eagles won their defensive battle against the Falcons while the Jags stunned the AFC favorites the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Philly will host the Minnesota Vikings for the NFC championship while the Jags head to Foxborough. Neither matchup will be an easy one, but should they both win we have ourselves an Eagles Jaguars Super Bowl. Here are five reasons this should happen.

History in the making

Although the two teams have met four other times since Jacksonville’s inception back in 1995, this would be the first time the two teams would meet for a championship game.

Philadelphia has only been to two other Super Bowls, one in 1981 and one in 2005. They lost both of those which means they came close twice but got no cigar. The hunger for their desire to win the elusive Lombardi trophy is fueling them towards their goal.

Super Bowl 52 would be Jacksonville’s first Super Bowl appearance in their young 23-year history.

Nick Foles to the rescue?

Roger Staubach did it in Super Bowl six. Kurt Warner did it in Super Bowl 34. Tom Brady did it in Super Bowl 36. Those three quarterbacks were all backups when they won their titles. Now, two of them are in the football Hall of Fame and one is most assuredly on his way. Those are just a few of the names of guys who went under center and came through for their team.

Coming up next? Nick Foles. The fourth-year Eagles starter has been assigned the gargantuan task of filling Carson Wentz’s shoes. He has only lost one game since his return as Philly’s starter, but some might argue that he didn’t face the toughest opponents. Foles should still rest easy knowing that he is in good company. He is just two games away from winning the Eagles their very first championship.

Good for the NFL

There are 17 teams in the league that has between zero and two appearances at the big dance. Over the last decade and a half, the New England Patriots have appeared in more Super Bowls than any other team. Not only that but other than Super Bowl 47, fans have witnessed some combination of the same teams in every contest. For a while, spectators watched for the new commercials and the halftime show.

An Eagles Jaguars Super Bowl gives fans something else to focus on. This NFL season started off with one of the most controversial and touchy subjects–the National Anthem protests. A good game with two surprising teams and Justin Timberlake performing at halftime would be a solid win for the league.

Third times the charm

The NFC East–home to the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and Washington Redskins. Since 2008, this division has only made two appearances. They were both by the Giants. No doubt, both of those wins were of the miraculous variety. Who would have thought David Tyree was going to make that catch in 2007 to beat the undefeated Patriots? And again in 2012, the franchise stood up to the Patriots and won.

It’s time for a new narrative in the east. If Philadelphia makes it to Minneapolis, they have the opportunity to build the good narrative to end the football season: star QB goes down, in comes number two. He wins the game and the third trip was not in vain.

All eyes on Blake

Blake Bortles has caught most of the flack of any of the passers left in the NFL season. Some say it’s because of his inexperience, some say because of his inconsistency. Either way the 25-year-old is not ready for the task set in front of him. Can he do it? Can he beat the fearless, and seemingly ageless, Tom Brady.

The one thing Bortles has in his favor, other than that monstrous defense, is the underdog effect. Jacksonville is going into this meeting against the Patriots and everyone expects them to lose. That mass mentality should be enough motivation for them but perhaps it is too much for the young gunner to fathom. Either way, this is the biggest game he’ll have played the biggest game of his career and maybe earned the respect of his peers, by the end of it.

So why should you want an Eagles Jaguars Super Bowl?

It’s something you haven’t seen before and gives you something to look forward to. It shines the light on a new face for a change. It reminds the fans of why they watch the game.

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