Pros and Cons of Lonzo Ball

It’s been a little less than month since the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball with the second overall pick in the 2017 NBA draft. With summer league wrapping up we finally have a good look at what Ball can do at the next level. Even with so much upside to Ball, he has some glaring weaknesses as well.

Pros and Cons of Lonzo Ball

PRO: Court vision/passing ability

Lonzo Ball has proven time and time again in college and during summer league that he posses the gift of court vision and passing ability. Watching him throw full court passes with an accuracy that would make Aaron Rodgers look like a child, is a marvel of modern basketball. He is averaging 9.3 assists in summer league This passing ability will only get better as the players around him get better. imagine Ball throwing lob passes to Larry Nance Jr., Brook Lopez, or as we witnessed in summer league Brandon Ingram.

The effects of his passing do not stop there, his passing is contagious. Over the course of summer league you see the Lakers start making the extra pass, and you can argue that it’s Ball who started the “BALL movement”. Ball’s ability to get everyone involved makes the team play harder and better because they will get touches if they are open. His ball movement may even attract more free agents because they know they will get the ball as well.

CON: Inconsistent and inefficient shooting

Lonzo Ball may have shot well in college but he has yet to prove that he can effectively and efficiently shoot at the next level. Ball has only shot 23.8% from the three during summer league and a meek 38.2% from the field. This is a huge dip from his college numbers of 41.2% shooting from the three and 55.1% from the field. To be fair Ball is dealing with injuries, but this much of a dip makes you wonder if the defense and level of play at the next step is enough to really bother his scoring ability.

He may have averaged 16.9 points per game during summer league but with his shooting percentages it shows that he has taken a lot of wasted shots. Looking forward one can only hope this is just a slump, injury, or the fact that he is a rookie in this highly talented and competitive league. Only time will tell if this con is really worth worrying about.

PRO: Demeanor on court

This is a trait that really speaks to Ball’s leadership on the court. With Magic Johnson saying that Lonzo Ball is the face of the Lakers franchise, players will look to Lonzo in tough moments. His poise on the court shows a maturity that can really help keep other young players cool during the season. The poise also gives his teammates a strong, stoic individual to lean on during this rebuild.

CON: Lavar Ball

Even though Lavar Ball does not directly influence Lonzo’s play, Lavar influences Lonzo’s image. Lavar making comments about his son being the greatest point guard ever or saying he is better than the two-time MVP Stephen Curry, puts unnecessary pressure on a rookie entering the toughest basketball league in the world. Hopefully Lavar will calm down now that Lonzo is in the league and reduce the unneeded pressure he puts on his son.

Lonzo has a lot of potential and upside, but he does have some things to work on as well as things out of his control. Lonzo is an exciting rookie and NBA fans should look forward to watching him grow and develop as a player.


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