2017-18 NBA MVP Review: Pacific Division MVP’s

The 2017-18 NBA Pacific Division gave us no shortage of storylines. Throughout the entire season, every team gave us an outstanding player that we at lwosports.com wants to recognize. Here are the 2017-18 Pacific Division MVP’s.

2017-18 NBA MVP Review: Pacific Division MVP’s

Golden State Warriors (58-24) – F Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant is arguably the second best player in the NBA currently. He has been the X factor for Golden State ever since he landed there. Durant makes the lineup a true issue and forces opposing front courts to put their best player on him to try and slow down that attack Golden State brings.

KD appeared in 68 games, tying Stephen Curry for a team high 26.4 point per game. He shot 51.6% from the floor, including a 41.9% mark from beyond the three point line. Durant isn’t a bad defender either, and is certainly an all around great player. Durant finished the season winning his second NBA Finals MVP award as the Warriors swept the Cleveland Cavaliers in the series.

Los Angeles Clippers (42-40) – G Lou Williams

The Clippers just barely missed the playoffs this past season, and featured the biggest trade at the deadline. The Clippers sent their star player, Blake Griffin, to the Detroit Pistons and added Tobias Harris and Avery Bradley. It seemed to work out well and Williams almost won himself an All-Star bid following the trade.

Williams was the center of the team. Appearing in all but three games, he averaged 22.6 points per game and 5.3 assists, all the while shooting a 43.5% from the court. Williams led the team in assists and scoring.

Los Angeles Lakers (35-47) – F Kyle Kuzma

The 27th overall pick in the NBA Draft, Kuzma was a rookie with little to no expectations from the media this season. Kuzma missed a grand total of five games and became a starter halfway through the season. His brash, physical and demanding play style certainly kept things interesting for the Lakers, and Kuzma looked like a budding star.

Kuzma’s effective field goal percentage sat at 52.7%, and he averaged 16 point per game. He gathered 6.3 rebounds per game and tied with Brandon Ingram and Julius Randle for the teams most points per game.

Sacramento Kings (27-55) – G De’Aaron Fox

De’Aaron Fox looked like a bright young star in the NBA. The fifth overall pick in the 2017 draft, Fox came out of Kentucky after an all-American season. He’s already one of the fastest players in the NBA, and has a very good jump shot from mid range and from deep.

Fox hit 41.2% of his shots from the floor, and averaged 11.6 points per game along with his 4.4 assists. He appeared in 73 games, and will certainly improve dramatically in year two.

Phoenix Suns (21-61) – G Devin Booker

Devin Booker is definitely the bright spot on the horrible season Phoenix suffered through. He won the three point contest scoring a ridiculous 28 points and seemed to hit every money ball. He’s a dynamic offensive player that has the smooth transition from dribble to jump shot and reminds many of Kobe Bryant.

Booker averaged 24.9 points per game, and shot an effective field goal percentage of 50.1%. He averaged a further 4.5 rebounds per game and 4.7 assists. Booker is a bright spot in the NBA and is certainly destined for greatness.

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