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National League MVP

Odds to Win the 2022 National League MVP

Although the odds aren't as close at the top as in the American League, the National League MVP race is set to become very interesting.
MLB free agency

MLB Free Agency: Top Five Shortstops

One of the most exciting times of the baseball calendar is MLB free agency and there is a handful of talent, especially at the shortstop position.
MLB Postseason

MLB Postseason Preview: National League Wild Card

Now that the daunting 162-game schedule is completed, it's time to look to the MLB Postseason, specifically the National League Wild Card.
MLB Trade Deadline

MLB Trade Deadline: National League Central

Friday was a big day as the 2021 MLB Trade Deadline was officially set to be at 4PM ET and is sure was the best deadline in recent memory.
Cardinals Opening Day

Highlight Moments On Cardinals Opening Day

There's nothing in sports quite like Cardinals Opening Day. The Clydesdales, the Hall of Famers and the player introduction just gives you chills.
American League MVP

Odds To Win 2021 American League MVP

This season is setting up to be one of the most exiting in recent memory. The National League and American League MVP odds have come out.
National League Wild Card

MLB Postseason Preview: National League Wild Card

At the last minute, the two partied agreed of MLB postseason expansion for this season from 10 teams to 16 teams.
Max Scherzer

MLB Opening Weekend Series To Watch

The first thing to catch our eyes was the opening night/day matchups. There are a lot of great opening weekend series' to watch for in this unusual season.
Pujols and Trout

MLB Milestones To Look Out For in 2020

We'll get to see the home runs, great defensive plays, and spectacular pitching performances. We'll also see players in a race for MLB milestones in 2020.
2020 MLB Draft

Top Five 2020 MLB Draft Prospects

On June 10-11, the 2020 MLB draft will be underway. Do to the current circumstances, the draft will be cut from 40 rounds to five rounds to cut costs.
There has been a lot St. Louis Cardinals career hitters =Stan Musial

Top Five St. Louis Cardinals Career Hitters

There has been a lot of talented hitters over the years for St. Louis and this article covers the top five St. Louis Cardinals career hitters.
Career Wins

St. Louis Cardinals Top Five Pitchers In Career Wins

There were so many great pitchers in history for this team. There are five pitchers with over 150 career wins for the Cardinals.
American League MVP

American League MVP: Five Best Odds To Win

The American League MVP odds have came out and it isn't particularly close from the number one spot to the number two spot.