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Shane was born into Detroit Lion fandom (the struggle is real) and grew up in suburban Detroit. He resides near the South shore of Lake Superior in Northern Michigan. He is husband, father, teacher (16 years and the struggle is also real) and DFS grinder. He's a self-described fantasy football addict. He's been playing fantasy football for over 20 years and has more than a few league championships under his belt.
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Week Four NFL DFS: Under the Radar

Week Four NFL DFS is upon us and I'm going under the radar to uncover the plays that get us into the green.

2020 AFC West Fantasy Football Outlook

It's fantasy football draft weekend and the AFC West fantasy football outlook is freshly wrapped. Time to go get that fantasy football championship!

2020 NFC West Fantasy Football Outlook

While some things change, others remain the same. Get ready to adjust your rankings. The 2020 NFC West fantasy football outlook will be a wild ride.

2020 AFC South Fantasy Football Outlook

The AFC South fantasy football outlook gets a makeover. Out, a former Super Bowl MVP and one of the most feared wide receivers in the NFL.

2020 NFC South Fantasy Football Outlook

The Saints remain the same and "Run CMC" doesn't look to slow down anytime soon. The NFC South fantasy football outlook is hot. Let's dive in.

2020 AFC East Fantasy Football Outlook

The AFC East fantasy football outlook has a few old stand-bys at the top of our draft lists. But, don't overlook the young guns looking to make their mark.

2020 NFC East Fantasy Football Outlook

This week I break down the NFC East fantasy football outlook. So let's dive in and see if there are risers and fallers for our fantasy football rankings.

2020 AFC North Fantasy Football Outlook

This week I make sense of the AFC North for our fantasy football rankings. Can Lamar Jackson replicate 2019? And, is Joe Burrow the Savior for Cincinnati?

2020 NFC North Fantasy Football Outlook

This week I'll go through the 2020 NFC North fantasy football outlook for each team how we can assess the players at each position.

2020 NFL Draft Team Needs: Quarterback

There will be plenty of drama in the 2020 NFL Draft. All eyes will be on teams, that need a franchise quarterback, trying maneuver up the draft board.

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