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I am a university student doing a degree in accounting. As a "numbers man" I love to work with the cap and believe in both traditional and analytical statistics. I also have experience in marketing and love to write pieces that get people talking and thinking about the various possibilities in sports. I am a passionate hockey and baseball fan, with general interest in the NBA, NFL and Canadian Athletes. I am also a writer at LeafsHub.
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Top Three Remaining NHL Free Agents

With another month of summer come and gone, players are beginning their regimented fitness programs in preparation for another run at the cup with their...

The Sedins: Vegas’ Face of the Franchise?

At the NHL entry draft, two teams that picked back to back within the top 6 of the NHL draft. The Vancouver Canucks picked a playmaking center from Sweden...

3 Trades for the Blue Jays Future

The Toronto Blue Jays are in a less than ideal place. With the All-Star break come and past the team finds themselves five games back...

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