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Matthew Vincent

Hello all, I've been following the NFL for roughly a decade now. I'm potentially the biggest Giants fan you'll ever meet and intend on helping with the coverage of the team. In addition to that, I enjoy fantasy football and have won 6 championships in 6 years between two leagues - both PPR and standard formats. Now for a little personal background, I was born and raised in Milltown, a small town in New Jersey. I'm the middle child (19) between two brothers, Chris, 21. and Kyle, 12. My parents, Mary and Ray, introduced me to the world of sports at an extremely young age when they took me to Fenway Park as an infant to see the BoSox play. I can say without a doubt that my father is the reason I'm such a sports nut and my mom has played a large role in my success as both a writer and my life in general. It also helps that my wonderful girlfriend shares interest in the NFL and is also in my fantasy league, although she has never won a head to head matchup with me. I look forward to writing for you guys, thanks.