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A sucker for hockey, soccer, basketball, tennis (all men’s and women’s), mixed with some football, track and field, Jeopardy, video games, soul music and all things Canada.
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Every Future Hockey Hall of Fame Centre, Part 2

Part 1 of the Every Future Hockey Hall of Fame Centre list covers the most electric point-scorers of the last quarter century. A public service announcement to...

Every Future Hockey Hall of Fame Centre, Part 1

Part 2 of Every Future Hockey Hall of Fame Centre reveals the names of several no-brainer selections frequently debated as question marks: the article can...

The Mesmerizing 2003 Heritage Classic Alumni Game

For as often as retrospectives on the National Hockey League’s first outdoor stadium event rhapsodize about the endurance of fans and players through Arctic temperatures,...

The Jalen Ramsey NHL Dream Is Dead

If it was not on ice before, the Jalen Ramsey NHL dream is certainly dead in the water as of February 2022, the month the cornerback won his first Super Bowl.

Stunning “Miracle on Ice II” turns 20

Twenty years have passed since a 4-3 Belarus men's victory against Sweden, the "Miracle on Ice II," transpired at the nineteenth Olympic Winter Games.

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