eSports Event: Fortnite’s “Zero Build” MUST Be Added

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    Fortnite’s Chapter Three, Season Two gave the players a new set of challenges and rewards. It also gave players its greatest risk. Epic Games decided to take away one of the most well-known and seemingly annoying traits of the game that made it unique from other battle royale shooters—building.

    The decision to temporarily take away the building was to test the waters to see how causal gamers of Fortnite and the constant players’ reactions were. The results were overwhelmingly positive as Epic Games have created a new mode just for no building called “Zero Build.” With Fortnite still looking to make its mark as one of the top esports event in the industry, Zero Build could be the push it needs. Here are some reasons why Zero Build should be pushed by Fortnite and Epic Games as an esports event.

    “Zero Build” should be an eSports event

    Zero Build has been one of the most celebrated events in Fortnite in recent history

    Once in a while, Fortnite will have an event that is universally loved. One example is Epic Games having an All-Marvel season with rewards of skins and cosmetics from the Marvel Universe. Epic Games took a risk by temporarily turning off the player’s ability to build walls, stairs, and blocks. While some nit-pickers were finding something to complain about with the concept of no building, Many gamers enjoyed the concept of playing an actual shooter game.

    Would you be interested in seeing Zero Build as an eSports event?x

    According to Sportskeeda, 72% of the players of Fornite preferred the concept of no building than the ability of players to build. On March 25th, Ninja made a poll tweet asking his followers or gamers of Fortnite if they prefer building or no building. The final result showed that 74.2% of 242,974 people who voted preferred no-building. Many of the world’s most popular video game streamers have praised the concept of no building for a traditional-ish shooter format. Streamers like Pokimane, Courage, Dr. Disrespect, TimTheTatMan, and Ninja praised the no-building concept and Epic Games themselves for creating new innovative ideas to draw back casual gamers.

    The mode will shift focus on skill rather than ungodly button-mashing

    One of the biggest reasons why Fortnite became so popular and separated itself from battle royales was the player’s ability to build barriers, stairs, and, essentially, shields. The concept of the building has given ‘sweatys’ the ability to build Trump Tower through a series of constant button mashing in seconds. Many matches have decided on the players’ ability to create a higher ground than their opponent. While this unique feature has helped make Fortnite one of the world’s most popular video games, it overshadows the real aspect of the game, gun-play. Many casual games, streamers, and pro gamers have been constantly overwhelmed that their gun-play is overmatched by a players’ ability to constantly spam the opponents through barriers that they will stop playing the game. With “Zero Build,” gun-play is once again the game’s objective.

    This season has opened the new concepts of overshield, sprinting, the ability to grab ledges and rush through doors that make the gameplay feel less static. The new season makes players feel like they are guiding their character instead of awkwardly maneuvering around objects. The “Zero Build” values the guns and what rank they are, making players strive to get a better weapon. Pro gamers of Fortnite have won based on their ability to build a ridiculous concept of architecture. Other pro gamers have been turned off at the idea that their guns and bullets are ineffective because their mansion is continuously being built. With “Zero Build,” pro gamers will be able to participate in an intense battle where the best player is decided on who uses the gun the best and not who builds the best.

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    Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

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    Michael Kovacs

    I think it would do well, but not sure it’s a “NEED” at this point.