Former Cincinnati Reds Players Tear Into Ownership

#SellTheTeamBob is going to be trending in and around Cincinnati for the foreseeable future. A pair of former Cincinnati Reds stars have come out recently to express their discontent with how the organization is run. Considering they are saying what the rest of Cincinnati is saying, Reds fans are both finding solace in shared frustration and are lamenting what could have been.

Two Former Cincinnati Reds Criticize Owner Bob Castellini

Nick Castellanos in Philly

On March 18th, Nick Castellanos signed a five-year, $100 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies. He had spent the past two years in Cincinnati and garnered some MVP hype in 2021, despite a lackluster season by the club. Across his two years, Castellanos slashed .284/.343/.550 and mashed 48 home runs and 148 RBI. By almost every metric, Castellanos had been the Reds best hitter.

On the 21st, Castellanos was interviewed in a Philadelphia airport and gave a passive-aggressive response when asked what it meant to him that the Phillies would be willing to go over the Luxury Tax threshold for him alone because he was just that good:

“At the end of the day, baseball comes down to ownership. The owner wants to either invest and cares about winning or doesn’t.”
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It doesn’t take much mental gymnastics to come to the understanding that he 100% was referring to the Reds brass. Judging by his mannerism and just how he answered, it’s not outlandish to come to the conclusion that Castellanos wanted to come back. He was spotted with star second baseman Jonathan India during the lockout getting workouts in. The Reds will come out and say, “well, we offered him a contract,” and in reality, it ends up being a three-year, $25 million deal that they offered.

Of course, it is possible that Castellanos isn’t specifically talking about the Reds, but rather as a whole, MLB has an issue (SEE: Miami Marlins backing out of negotiating with him). Either way, if the shoe fits…

The Reds are shedding payroll and Castellanos is rightfully frustrated as there’s a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that’ll be a homerun. And so that’ll make it a 4-0 ballgame.

Wade Miley Claimed by Chicago Following Release

The Reds didn’t bring back Wade Miley after posting a 3.37 ERA and 1.325 WHIP in 163 innings in 2021. If the desire is to shorten games, Miley would be the poster child as he led MLB with a ridiculous average of 18.3 seconds between pitches. Miley is set to make $10 million in 2022, which was evidently too rich for Castellini’s blood.

Of the two former Cincinnati Reds players, Miley was a bit more direct in his criticisms. He specifically attacked their mentality and their willingness to be content with mediocrity. The players want to win. That’s obvious. But the Reds ownership has shown time and time again that they just don’t care.

He has a point. The Reds “rebuild” for years, sniff the playoffs and get embarrassed, have a fire sale, “rebuild” for years, sniff the playoffs and get embarrassed, have a fire sale, “rebuild”, sniff the playoffs and get embarrassed, have a fire sale (you are here), and so forth. It’s been no secret from former Cincinnati Reds players that the owners just don’t care.

“Trust The Process” In Cincinnati

The infamous saying that the Philadelphia 76ers is a perfect analogy for this Reds debacle. Fans need to trust the front office that they know what they are doing and that it will all pay off in the end. Since “Trust The Process” became a thing, the 76ers have amounted to all of zero championships.

Perhaps the young players received in the mind-numbing trades will be great. Perhaps India, Tyler Stephenson, and Nick Senzel can manage to replicate the missing productivity. But one thing is for certain: every win is in spite of the Reds ownership. The city deserves better. The Reds need to get on board with winning or else Cincinnati will become an undisputed football town. How could they see how the city responded to a Bengals Super Bowl LVI run and not become envious?

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