Justin Fields’ Precision Passing is the Answer to the San Francisco 49er Quarterback Problem

Fields' Precision
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA - JANUARY 01: Justin Fields #1 of the Ohio State Buckeyes looks to pass against the Clemson Tigers in the first half during the College Football Playoff semifinal game at the Allstate Sugar Bowl at Mercedes-Benz Superdome on January 01, 2021 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Speculations have been thrown around constantly for the San Francisco 49er quarterback problem. But the 49ers would be fools to pass on Justin Fields precision play. San Francisco’s roster is ready for a playoff push and Fields is the dynamic piece they’re missing.

Fields’ has been deemed the best quarterback in Ohio State history. A quarterback in all likelihood is the most important position on the team. But can’t be the sole answer. The 49ers were able to retain most of their cornerbacks from last season, thankfully taking a step to get the defense back to elite form.

The NFL draft is around the corner and the first two selections are likely already set and stone. The Jacksonville Jaguars are rumored to take Trevor Lawerence, while the New York Jets have been linked to Zach Wilson. And I will show why Fields is the best selection available for San Francisco.

Justin Fields’ Precision Passing is the Answer for San Francisco

Powerhouse Ohio State was able to dominate the ground against Penn State. On the other hand, Fields showcased many different traits. Not only is he precise with his passes but is able to throw on the run, improvise, and sometimes gets overly eager.

Precision passing

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Early in the first quarter, Fields is able to deliver a strike while under pressure. Kyle Shanahan must admire Fields’ pocket presence. For a quarterback to thrive in Shanahan’s offense, they will have to be strong in the pocket.

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Fields’ precision passing is clear. His ability to throw on-target is one of his finest traits. San Franciso’s offense has been limited throwing the ball over 20 yards. And is quite the reason the ‘YAC Bro’s’ started. Furthermore, Fields’ arm strength would be a delight in the 49er offense.

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Specifically focusing on Fields’ arm strength, there aren’t any questions at all. Being able to constantly threaten the defense deep, allows the well-built 49er run offense to flourish more. Fields and Chris Olave were able to develop a significant connection over the previous two seasons. Brandon Aiyuk and Fields can replicate that in a similar fashion.

Throws on the run and play-action passes

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Shanan loves running play-action bootlegs. And Fields’ 4.44 40-yard dash could give NFL defenses headaches setting the edge. In spite of being a pocket passer, Fields’ ability to scramble has to be respected. Throwing precisely on the run is something 49er fans haven’t seen in recent years.

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This play was negated by an illegal shift and the play was scratched. Regardless, the play displays Fields’ precision pocket presence. Movement in a crowded pocket is a gigantic advantage in the NFL. The 49er offensive line will appreciate a quarterback who can avoid sacks.

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Not only can Fields outrun the blitz, but is able to manage a faultless throw. Having George Kittle on the receiving end gives this play more desire. Shanahan loves to get the ball out quickly. Therefore, Fields’ precision accuracy should compliment Shanahan’s offense, and having a former All-Pro tight end helps.


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Fields identifies the blizter on defense and throws to the void the defender left. The Nittany Lion defense was on its heels all game. Yet Fields didn’t have to improvise much as he stood strong in the pocket throughout the game.

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Fields’ ability to do things off-script is a major upside for him. Jimmy Garoppaolo’s extensive injuries injury history has impacted his capability to improvise. Many of the other draft-eligible quarterbacks wouldn’t be able to avoid the sack here, let alone complete a pass.

Overly eager

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In summary of the Ohio State offense vs Penn State, Fields didn’t force too much. Here he misses two players for a bigger gain, but the pocket is collapsing. This play is more of a quick decision versus him being eager.

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In due time, Fields will improve his ability to analyze the field. Fields is able to get the ball over the low defender, but the throw to the far side of the field is a bit late. It’s a good pass breakup by the corner, yet should’ve been thrown elsewhere by Fields.

Fields’ precision plays across the board gives the 49ers a major piece

San Francisco is getting a franchise-changing player in Justin Fields. The defense is set for the most part, with the hopes of Nick Bosa and Dee Ford returning fully healthy. Adding a spectacular quarterback who can save the offensive play-caller at times is vital.

Fields will not only help Shanahan but can elevate every player on the offense. He showed the ability to make precision passes, great throws on the run, and have superior awareness. It’s no question who the 49ers should draft with the number three overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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