Jazz, Clippers, Lakers Stunt Odds Ranking As 2021 NBA First Half Closes

On March 4, 2021, the NBA First Half will conclude to make way for the All-Star Break. The second-half will resume on March 11-16, 2021, and will determine the groups who will proceed to the postseason. With two weeks remaining before the first half closes, the NBA community has derived the strongest teams in today’s season.

The 2021 NBA made its way last December. It is probably the shortest ball game in history, following a shorter format than the previous editions. With this in mind, the teams have been working their best since the season started. The groups that generated the best winning percentages in the playoffs are considered in the postseason.

As the 2021 NBA approaches the end of the first half, let’s know the teams who are leading the ranking based on winning percentage. Not only that, but these groups also have the best lines and Odds provided by FanDuel that’ll help you pick the best side to cheer for. Here the top ten NBA teams who are on the way to propose impressive NBA first half in the standings.

Jazz, Clippers, Lakers Stunt Odds Ranking As 2021 NBA First Half Closes

Utah Jazz

Tallying twenty-four victories this week, the Utah Jazz continues to conquer the top spot in the NBA rankings today. They have led the Western Conference since the start of February, and now that the first half is about to close, they won’t let any team replace them. Despite a loss against the Clippers last weekend, they got six remaining games in the first half.

LA Clippers

Last Saturday, the LA Clippers won the game against the Jazz in a 116-112 game run. After this victory, they settled at the second spot in the NBA first-half ranking. Kawhi Leonard and Lou Williams stepped-up during this game to secure their victory. This week, they are facing the Nets, Wizards, and Grizzlies.

LA Lakers

The Miami Heat got the sweetest revenge after they defeated the LA Lakers yesterday in a 96-94 game run. With this loss, the Lakers are now settling for third in the NBA first half ranking. In the next few days, the defending champions are looking forward to meeting the Wizards and the Jazz.

Philadelphia 76ers

Last Saturday, the Philadelphia 76ers defeated the Bulls to a 112-105 game run. After this victory, the 76ers earned 20 wins and settled at the fourth rank in the NBA first-half rankings. This week, they are facing a back-to-back game against the Raptors as well as going up against the Mavericks.

Phoenix Suns

After missing the NBA playoffs for many years, the Phoenix Suns are now back on track. Starting with the first week of February, the Phoenix Suns have dazzled audiences during their games where they now hold a nine-game win streak. That said, they are now the fifth-ranked team in the NBA first half rankings and will have few more games to accomplish in the next few days.

Brooklyn Nets

Like the Phoenix Suns, the Brooklyn Nets are looking to find their rhythm this year. Last season, they failed to accomplish their mission of winning the NBA after both Durant and Irving’s exit. Now that they’re back, the Nets have secured the sixth spot in the current rank earning nineteen victories.

Portland Trail Blazers

Presently earning eighteen victories in the West, the Portland Trail Blazers are also having an excellent season this year. Yesterday, they lost to the Wizards to 118-111 game run but were scheduled to face the Suns and the Nuggets this week to maintain their lines if they win.

Milwaukee Bucks

The Bucks were having a good ride during the start of the season but are slowly falling apart. They were defeated in their last five games against the Suns, Jazz, Thunder, and Raptors (twice). With this, they settled to a seat behind the Nets in the East. In the next few days, the Bucks need to hustle harder as they face the Kings and Timberwolves to close out an excellent first half odds.

San Antonio Spurs

In the last two games against the Hawks and Hornets, San Antonio Spurs performed well to earn a good position at the NBA first half ranking. They presently earned sixteen victories in the West. This week, they are up to face the Thunders and the Pelicans.

Denver Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets hustled at the tenth spot in the NBA first half ranking. Last Saturday, they triumphed over the Cavs, which helped them earn sixteen victories in the West. This Wednesday and Friday, they will grapple against the Trail Blazers and Wizards to close out an excellent first-half line.


All NBA fans are indeed focusing on the nearing conclusion of the first half. As this round is about to close next week, it will name the top teams who dominated the NBA season this year. Hence, the ten teams above who currently lead the race are the groups you must keep an eye on.

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