Post-Lockdown Golfing: How to Go About it


During the global coronavirus pandemic, many people were looking for inspiration to start new hobbies/exercises indoors. Now that the conditions are starting to ease slightly, more and more outdoor services are starting to open again. To get you out of your lockdown rut and lift your spirits, why not take up golf? It’s the perfect sport to play while still social distancing from others.

Post-Lockdown Golfing: How to Go About it

But Why Golf?

Many people say that golf not only provides great health benefits, but is also a great social sport. You won’t be confined to any indoor space; the fact that golf is played on a fresh green outdoor course means that social distancing will not be a problem at all. It doesn’t have to be too strenuous if desired, so it is perfect for people of all levels and ages. Why not take Minnesota golf lessons with Ernie Rose? They are highly recommended for people with all different levels of skill and knowledge.

Must-have Golf Equipment

If you’re new to the golfing world, these are some staples to have in your bag. Let’s start with the obvious clubs. There are many different types of golf clubs so that you can tailor them to how you play. If you aren’t so clued up on golf clubs, there are pre-packed beginner clubs which will contain all the basic clubs you’ll need to play the game. To carry around your clubs, you’ll need a bag. We recommend testing out different bags because if you choose to carry your clubs throughout the course instead of being driven in a golf cart, you’ll want it to be comfortable and lightweight. Lastly, golf balls. It’s a known fact that golf balls tend to go missing on the course, so make sure you buy a large amount of them so you don’t run out!

Golf Accessories

Now, these accessories wouldn’t necessarily be described as a fundamental requirement to be able to play a game, but they are a great treat to yourself or a gift for another! A golf glove is used to make the grip on the club more secure. Also, if your hands start to sweat, then a glove is the perfect solution. If you want to push the boat out slightly, treat yourself or a friend to a personalized glove! It’s the perfect present for a golf lover! Another useful accessory is a towel. Having a towel in your golf bag is useful for drying off your clubs so that they don’t rust. It’s also useful if your golf balls become dirty or wet. Buying a personalized towel is a great idea so that yours doesn’t get mixed with other players towels.

Getting out into the fresh air and socializing while at a distance there’s no sport more perfect to take up at this time. Absorbing yourself into the whole golfing world can seem daunting at first, but once you know the basics, it’s such a great community to be a part of!

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