NHL Power Rankings – Week 14

It’s been hard to push these out the last couple of months and I apologize for that, I will do a better job moving forward. Today I am going to write this with very quick blurbs of one or two sentences. I am doing this because I have a team grades piece I am working on for all-star weekend. So I want to be able to keep recaps of each team for that. With that said lets get to it.

NHL Power Rankings- Week 14

  1. Tampa Bay Lightning

The top offense in the NHL coupled with a top ten defense and you have a force.

2. Calgary Flames

Much like the Lightning the Flames have coupled a great offense with a solid defense.

3. Winnipeg Jets

The Jets ruin the trend we had to start the list, they are doing it via defense and mixing in a solid offense.

4. New York Islanders

No John Tavares? No problem is seems for the Islanders.

5. San Jose Sharks

Great at home, average on the road. That has to change if they want a long playoff run.

6. Nashville Predators

The story for Nashville is that they are getting great secondary scoring.

7. Vegas Golden Knights

With as bad as the Knights started the season it is shocking their in the top ten at this point. But they have been amazing as of late.

8. Toronto Maple Leafs

For a team with a plus-31 goal differential you would think that the Leafs would be higher in the standings.

9. Washington Capitals

The Capitals are playing to their ability, meaning they score goals but the defense lacks some.

10. Boston Bruins

One of the better teams on defense but lack finish on offense.

11. Pittsburgh Penguins

The Penguins are finding their form, as expected despite a slower start.

12. Montreal Canadiens

Montreal is a team that is hard to see are a legitimate contender without a trade for a game changer.

13. Columbus Blue Jackets

I’ll say it, Columbus might be the least impressive top 10 team in the NHL. They don’t do anything particularly well. It doesn’t make any sense as to why they are so successful.

14. Buffalo Sabres

It is hard to read the Sabres here because they have talent but its young talent so that may work against them.

15. Minnesota Wild

WANTED: Production from the offense. Reward: A playoff spot?

16. Colorado Avalanche

A great top line, but lacks secondary scoring. Fix that and the Avs have something going for them.

17. Dallas Stars

How can an offense this loaded with talent be so bad? They have allowed the second fewest goals in the entire NHL, so a little more punch from the offense and the Stars could be a scary playoff team.

18. Carolina Hurricanes

Don’t look now but the Hurricanes are playing some good hockey lately.

19. Anaheim Ducks

The Ducks are the second worst offense in the NHL.  Sure losing Perry prior to the season hurts but this offense should still be better.

20. Vancouver Canucks

Nice story to start the season but they have fallen off. They have a bright future but they aren’t deep enough to be a serious threat in the West.

21. Edmonton Oilers

So much money spent on role players but yet so little production.

22. New York Rangers

Another team that is building for the future. I think they are a longer term project than the Canucks.

23. Arizona Coyotes

Playing as well as expected, not much was expected, around 80 points was my projection at the start of the season. They are on pace for 82 currently.

24. Florida Panthers

It baffles me how Florida can be so good last year. And then end up being a bottom ten team this season.

25. St. Louis Blues

I am still waiting for the Blues to break out. Should I abandon that at this point?

26. Los Angeles Kings

The Kings are proud owners of the worst offense in the league. And the goaltending has also been suspect.

27. Philadelphia Flyers

Speaking of teams with bad goaltending, this one has been bleeding goals for years now.

28. New Jersey Devils

Why not pile another team into the bad goaltending list? But this one is baffling because I like Schnider.

29. Ottawa Senators

Ottawa has such a bad defense that I am not sure whether Craig Anderson‘s numbers are a signal of regression or just the fate he suffers because of the D.

30. Chicago Blackhawks

The seasons long struggle is continuing for Chicago. Which is stunning with the amount of talent they have.

31. Detroit Red Wings

Nothing was truly expected from the Red Wings this season and they have delivered. But they are worse than I expected still.


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