Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson; The Dream Match

2018 has been a really great year for PGA golf, but what can be a dream come true? Two of the all-time best players in a head to head match. As much as so many others players, past and present are talented and have many fans. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have had a special place in the hearts of fans for a variety of reasons. Before the big match let’s look at some of the finer points, shall we?

The Purse

Not that either man isn’t used to receiving a big paycheck. But this is a payday most of us will only dream about in our lifetime. The winner of this match will walk away with nine million dollars. Not to mention some real fun bragging rights.

The Course of Choice

This was a very interesting point of concern, obviously, there are many many great courses that both Tiger and Phil are familiar with. Shadow Creek in Las Vegas NV is a magical place for such a dream match to be played. There is also a fittingness with it being in Las Vegas, with the payout for the winner obviously being a huge jackpot.

Shadow Creek is not only a beautiful and challenging course but in a time of year when much of the country is going through a cold wave., in Las Vegas, it will be partly sunny in the low to mid-’60s. Near perfect golf weather. So the dream won’t turn into a cold nightmare.

From Child Star to Comeback Kid

Tiger has had a storied career since he was very young. He easily became a fan favorite with his ready smile and great talent. Of course, that career came with a cost, the dream almost turning into a nightmare when his body started to show signs of wear and tear after years of powerful drives. After back spasms, severe pain and failed surgeries piled up, it looked as though his long and shining career was now over. But persevering and making it through another surgery and working on his swing and body, he was able to make an amazing comeback in the 2018 season. Looking as much like the Tiger of old than any highlight reel.

The Favorite Bridesmaid

Phil or Lefty as many call him has been another huge fan favorite with a gentler side. His game isn’t the explosive highlight-filled rounds as young Tiger’s was, but he had that boy next door, sweet always a bridesmaid never a bride type of losses, coming in second many times not only to Tiger but to others as well.

Another way he found his way into the hearts of fans was the sweet nature of his family support. Also, the support he gave to his family, particularly when his wife fought and won her battle with breast cancer. Culminating when he won the 2010 Masters and the first person he saw walking off the 18th green was his wife Amy, where they shared a long hug. Truly showing the world the strength of their love through the battles they had fought.

Love or Hate Relationship

Many times over both of their careers, they have played alongside each other. They have won and lost to each other. Even at times had words about one another. But underneath it, no matter what, they are two of the most talented players to ever walk the courses and seeing them play against each other, in one of the biggest bragging rights matches is a dream come true for a huge group of fans.

Last Word

A year or two ago, ask a golf fan what a dream match would be and this matchup would have been in the top responses. By the same token, it also would have been the response in the question of the least likely matches. As they are both veterans of the sport, they have both had aches and pains that could have stopped them from playing.

However, there was something in the air in the PGA in 2018. It was a year of rebirth and renewal and this match. The first ever pay per view match in the PGA history. Will be a true water cooler talking moment. Great for diehard and casual fans alike. As it will be interesting to see what side challenges each man gives the other throughout the match. There will be a lot to enjoy this Friday. Fore!

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