Should the Buffalo Bills Trade LeSean McCoy?

Recently, rumors have begun surfacing that the Philidelphia Eagles are interested in acquiring the Bills’ running back LeSean McCoy. These rumors have led to a discussion on whether Buffalo should move the pro bowl runner. Both sides have arguments that are for the good of the franchise. However, the conversation has begun to form into the present versus the future. Keeping McCoy benefits the present while training him it’s for the future. The decision is ultimately up to Sean McDermott and Brandon Beane. If the offer is right, will they trade him? Do they think they can still compete despite their offense of struggle? These questions will be answered as the trade deadline draws closer.

Should the Buffalo Bills trade LeSean McCoy?

The Present:

The Bills have been riding with Josh Allen since week two and so far Allen has been playing well considering the talent around him. A lackluster offense of line, inconsistent receivers, and injuries two stars such as LeSean McCoy have played Allen‘s rookie year. Despite this, Allen has shown flashes of why he was the seventh overall pick in the draft. If Buffalo were to move on from McCoy, Allen would lose his best playmaker on the team that is lacking playmakers.

The Future:

McCoy has had an extremely successful career playing for Philadelphia and Buffalo. He has already eclipsed the 10,000 rushing yards mark at the age of 30. McCoy is entering the danger years for running backs where they begin to decline. McCoy has yet to start showing these regressions. The Bills should consider moving McCoy before these regressions in order to maximize value out of shady. The Bills’ roster is still in the phase of molding itself into a proper contender. By the end of that phase, McCoy could be in the middle of his regression which would hurt his value on the trade market. Also, McCoy’s contract is coming to an end soon and if Buffalo is not a contender by then, McCoy may want to chase a Super Bowl victory before his career is over. These things make it worth considering a trade involving LeSean McCoy.

After Seeing both arguments, I would side with the future and McCoy. The bills may be able to ride their defense to the wild card again, but similar to last year, the offense cannot contend with elite NFL offenses. The Bills have an opportunity to get value for an aging running back and they should take it while they have it. Over the last four NFL drafts, multiple star running backs have been drafted outside of the first round; David Johnson, Jordan Howard, Kareem Hunt, Alvin Kamara, James Connor, Kerryon Johnson, and many others. Even Le’Veon Bell was drafted outside of the first round.

Buffalo can move McCoy for future assets and get their running back of the future through the draft like many of today’s successful franchises. It would be sad to see McCoy go, but the NFL is a business and success heals all wounds. Plus, the Bills will have the cap room to go after Le’Veon Bell in the off-season if they wish to go down that road.

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