The Pittsburgh Steelers Problems Thus Far

The 2018 season certainly has not started the way the Pittsburgh Steelers would have hoped, so what is the problem? What should they fix moving forward? This is a team that over the past few years has been very dominant in their division and now they seem to be grasping at straws to get a win. Let’s look at what the problem can be and possible fixes shall us?

The Pittsburgh Steelers Problems Thus Far

Allowing Opposing Teams to Jump Ahead in the Score

I mean, obviously, it’s a problem if you are losing, however. What is happening so far is the other team jumping out to a quick lead and the Steelers having to grind their way back to tie the game and then try to get ahead. It’s almost like they are starting every game with a handicap, this is a huge problem. To try and solve this problem we need to look at the defense. Last year, the defense lost two major players. One being James Harrison, who wasn’t being played, hence why he left. But he was a huge influence to the practice squad and keeping the younger players motivated.

Another big loss to the defense was the terrifying moment that Ryan Shazier went down and could not move his legs. Shazier is a penetrating force to the defense not only on the field but off. And while he continues his amazing, unbelievable recovery, not having him is still a problem for the defense. So they need to regain their focus and regain the fire. To let one of their biggest rivals, come into their home field and jump out 14-0 so quickly. Not only puts them in a hole that they now need to dig themselves out. It takes the home crowd, known as one of the loudest in the league, out of play and hurts morale.

Ben Being Ben

Ben Rothlisberger is not one to mince words, he took a lot of the blame for this past weeks problem on himself. Where he certainly isn’t performing at his best, he is still in there grinding it out. The problem seems to be communication. This needs addressing by the entire team in practice before they get to game time. Sometimes it seems as though Ben is calling one play and the route is run in a different direction. There are a few reasons why this may be happening. But tightening up practice and having productive meetings could be a good start.

The locker room can still be feeling a little off due to offseason problems that have moved into the season. While it is very hard to put aside and forget about one of the best players on the team. Especially when the media keeps it going. There is a good balance of new and experienced players on the Steelers offense right now. But with a quarter of the games done with the season already. It is time to shake the rest of the rust off and be productive on the field.

Is the Coaching the problem?

As a fan of football, not even just the Steelers, inevitably. Every time a team starts to lose or even falls behind before halftime. People jump on social media and call for the firing of the head coach of their team, in this case, Mike Tomlin. As much as the coach controls and does for his team. If the team doesn’t execute the play or do what is called for. How much of that can really be blamed on the coach?

A lot of the problem comes down to play calling and whereas the head coach can certainly override a call. The offensive and defensive coordinators are the ones directing traffic. Again it goes back to seemingly not doing the drills enough in practice enough to transfer to the game.

Last Word

After years of the Steelers saying they rule the north, they are now struggling badly. Every team has off games or even off years. But for a team know to be a tough defensive heavy team to be 1-2-1 at this point of the year is disappointing, to say the least. However, it is early enough that they can put all of this behind them and still do well. First, they have to focus and stop allowing so many yards.

The past weeks were the worst in Steeler history since the leagues were divided, in yards allowed. Digging themselves a whole like that has to stop in order for them to move on. Once they bring back the steel curtain, the offense can take over and put points on the board and stay ahead. Here we go.

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