Marcus Smart vs Avery Bradley: Why The Jury Is Out

This weeks signing of guard Marcus Smart indicates that Celtic GM Danny Ainge is keeping the current nucleus together. Smart inked a five year 13,000,000dollar deal per year this week that will keep him in Beantown through the year 2020. All signals point to Ainge having the confidence that this group can achieve banner number 18. Last summer as Celtic fans recall the organization dealt Avery Bradley to Detroit for Marcus Morris. In this post, we will examine which player is better off in a Celtic uniform.

Marcus Smart Versus Avery Bradley: Why The Jury Is Out

Salary Comparisons

Midway through last summer the Celtics traded the former number one draft pick, Avery Bradley.  Since then Bradley has been traded to the Clippers and signed a two_year 24, 000,000  dollar contract. By comparison, Bradley and Smart are both shooting guards Both were two former first round draft picks. Bradley has been in the league for eight years and Smart has five years of NBA service.

In trading Bradley, to Detroit, the Celtics received the power forward Marcus Morris. Morris paid excellent dividends in his first year as a Celtic. Known for his elite rebounding skills Morris brought a physical presence to a fragile Celtics roster. Overall the Celtics benefited in this deal as the Celtics improved in the rebounding department.

Bradley And Smart Statistically

Overall statistically Bradley’s numbers are better. Field goal shooting wise Bradley averages between 450 and 470 from the field  Smart averages between 350 and 360 from the field. Three_point shooting wise Bradley is far better than Smart.  Bradley’s numbers  the past three seasons are38 1366, and 366.  In this department Smart’s numbers are horrible. The past three years Smart’ s  numbers were an embarrassing 301 283 and 253.  From a league point, Smart is one of the worst three_ point shooters.  As far as free throws Bradley also leads Smart in this category averaging 76%  The past three seasons Smarts free throws were less than Bradley’s.

As far as the playoffs Smarts numbers aren’t much better.  The only area in which he improved in was the free throw shooting department. His numbers the past three years ranged between 735 and 810. In 2018, however, Also keep in mind that Smart missed several games due to a hand injury in 2018.  He did manage to return for the second round of the playoffs against Philadelphia.

Style Of Play

This is an area where both players earn their money.  Smart’s style of play is much like former Celtic great Larry Bird. Fans do not see his hunger and effort on a nightly basis. Smart’s desire and grit symbolizes the Celtics organization. Bradley on the other hand also has a reputation of being a great defender. Both hustle to get back on defense and break up plays. Judging the two of them both play tough, physical and hustle which is all any NBA fan can ask.

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