Lakers renouncing Julius Randle contract not wisest decision

WASHINGTON, USA - NOVEMBER 09: Julius Randle (30) of Los Angeles Lakers in action against Ian Mahinmi (L) of Washington Wizard during an NBA Game between Washington Wizards and Los Angeles Lakers at Capitol One Arena in Washington, United States on November 09, 2017. (Photo by Samuel Corum/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

Julius Randle has agreed to deal with the New Orleans Pelicans.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN, the deal Julius Randle agreed to is worth eighteen million for two years. This all happened after Rajon Rondo agreed to a deal with the Lakers.

They should have traded Rondo and Randle yes, however if the Lakers did that they would have had to include more players from their young core. By signing Rondo then renouncing Randles contract extension; they were able to sign a veteran All-Star and keep their young core intact.

Releasing Julius Randle wasn’t the smartest decision by the Los Angeles Lakers. He was a part of the Lakers young core.

What Randle brings to the table

On top of that he is a powerful presence in the paint and dual-threat player. As a versatile player Randle averaged a a double-double. Some more of his qualities include his ball handling and crashing the glass.

This is the player the Los Angeles Lakers decided to release from the team. Additionally, Randle does all the minuteae and little details of the game. For example, he is always involved in the hustle plays and brings energy to the team.

Releasing Randle wasn’t the smartest decision by the organization as he brings energy to the team as a starter or off of the bench. However, they do have Kuzma and before they released Randle they signed JaVale McGee.

Kuzma is versatile and can play the four or five position and sometimes the three. Then McGee helps bring that rim protecting presence in the paint. What they lost in Randle they have in Kuzma and got back in JaVale.

Also, Kyle Kuzma is a player who has finesse in his game and has a nice field goal shot. He is an all round complete and versatile player. Randle was a dual-threat for the Lakers.

Now with him off the team, when they face each other Julius Randle will give LA problems.

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