Ten Farthest Home Runs of the 2016 MLB Regular Season

Yesterday marked the first official full team practice of the spring. There are a little over 40 days until Opening Day is upon us. With baseball right around the corner, here is a little recap of the longest home runs from the 2016 MLB season.

Ten Farthest Home Runs of the 2016 MLB Season

10. Maikel Franco, 471 feet

Franco hit 25 home runs on the season in the very hitter-friendly Citizens Bank Ballpark. This was his longest, and the longest home run hit by any Phillies player last season.

9. Edwin Encarnacion, 471 feet

Encarnacion finished last season third in home runs with 42. The past five seasons he has turned it up in the power department, hitting 30+ homers. He absolutely crushes this 95 MPH Daniel Hudson fastball.

8. Franklin Gutierrez, 473 feet

Gutierrez is not really an offensive powerhouse. However, he was a part of one of the best power hitting teams in the MLB last season. Gutierrez got in on the fun when he crushed a 2-0 John Lamb fastball a long way into the Cincinnati skyline.

7. Giancarlo Stanton, 475 feet

Giancarlo Stanton is just a freak of a power hitter. The man is built like a house, enough said. More to come later on in this list.

6. Ryon Healy, 480 feet

Ryon Healy is a young, up and coming power hitting third baseman in Oakland. He showed just how much damage he can here, as he crushes a ball over the fountains in Kansas City.

5. Tom Murphy, 482 feet

Just 14 games into his MLB career, Tom Murphy showed why he should be the catcher of the future in Colorado. It was the first of many more to come in his career. Coors Field aided or not, this was a very impressive first career long ball.

4. Mark Reynolds, 484 feet

Mark Reynolds is an all or nothing hitter. If he hits the ball, it is going to go, and it’ll go a long way. Throw him in the hitter friendly Coors Field, and you get a 484 foot demolishing of a baseball.

3. Nomar Mazara, 491 feet

Mazara came into last season as the Rangers No.2 overall prospect. He came in an tore the cover off the ball. He literally did just that, as he hit a massive 491 foot home run to the second deck in Texas.

2. Nelson Cruz, 493 feet

Nelson Cruz has been one of the most consistent home runs hitters the past couple of seasons. In fact, the past three seasons he has 127 home runs. With his massive power and his big, long swing he hits some long home runs.

1. Giancarlo Stanton, 504 feet

Again, Stanton is a large man. He is a power hitting freak, who is built like a house. In all seven years in the league he has 20+ home runs. Stanton has the ability to hit baseballs even farther than this massive 504 foot bomb.

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