The 5 Most Memorable NHL Hairdos

RALEIGH, NC - JUNE 14: Mike Commodore #22 of the Carolina Hurricanes warms up before game five of the 2006 NHL Stanley Cup Finals against the Edmonton Oilers on June 14, 2006 at the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Hockey players are blessed with many skills, from being able to shoot the puck with perfect precision to skating at high speeds and turning on a dime. They make the impossible seem possible. For some, they bring more to to the table than just their hockey skills. Many players have become known for their locks. Counting down the most memorable NHL hairdos of all-time.

The 5 Most Memorable NHL Hairdos of All-time

5. Brent Burns

Burns is widely considered one of the best defensemen. With three All-Star Game selections it’s hard to argue his credentials. He is a top-tier player, but not only for his skill. Though this list only talks about hair, consideration must be given to his beard, too. Burns has a beard that would make Abraham Lincoln himself, jealous. The slicked-back hair and beard make him into the long lost brother from Duck Dynasty. He is a tough defender and his locks only add to his presence.

4. Wayne Gretzky

The golden boy of hockey not only is the all-time leader in goals, assists, and points, also ranks among the best in hair style. With the golden brown teen-boy haircut that no girl could resist, he had it all when coupled with unparalleled on-ice play. He was a symbol of the sport throughout his entire career—and a symbol to Paul Mitchell at the same time.

3. Ron Duguay

Jon Bon Jovi, is that you? Nope, that’s just former Ranger Ron Duguay. Duguay was a very consistent and successful player in his playing years and has his number retired by his minor league hockey team, the Sudbury Wolves. Duguay played his entire career looking like he just finished a gig with his band. He even went on to be in the musical “Rock of Ages.” I mean, if I was hiring that cast I would want my entire cast to have hair like him. If rock and roll had a baby, it would have the hair of Duguay.

2. Mike Commodore

Do I really have to justify this decision? I mean, just look at this man. Commodore’s ginger afro is one of the most identifiable physical characteristics on ice today. How many times have you even seen an afro on ice? Also, his last name is Commodore and that’s just awesome. I rest my case. What could possibly beat that?

1. Jaromir Jagr

YESSSSSS!!!!!!!The most classic haircut the NHL has ever seen. Jagr had some of the best hair moments throughout his entire career, but nothing can compare to his rookie year. Jagr will go as one of the best hockey players all-time since he passed Messier for second all time in points. And just like his career, his hair’s legacy will go down in history. Every time he came to the ice he brought the party. What else can you say about the mullet—it’s always business in front, party in the back.

Don’t agree with my list? Leave your own list of memorable hockey hairdos in the comment section below.

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