Top Five Players in Franchise History: Milwaukee Bucks

We continue ranking the top five players of all time for every franchise. I will take a look the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks franchise has some good seasons winning the NBA championship in 1971. They have 13 Division titles and two Conference titles. So after compiling all the seasons here is the top five players in Milwaukee Bucks franchise history.

5) Ray Allen

Allen was drafted fifth overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves and acquired by Milwaukee in a draft day trade for Stephon Marbury. Right away in his rookie season, Allen looked like a player. He used his athleticism to get-go the rim and became a dynamic three-point shooter. He was also apart of the 2001 team that lost to Philadelphia in the Conference Finals. Allen played 6 and a half seasons with Mikwaukee before stunningly being dealt to Seattle for Gary Payton. Allen averaged 19.6 points game during his time in Milwaukee.

Allen’s all-time franchise ranks

9th in scoring, 8th in steals, 1st in three-pointers, 10th in games played.

4) Marques Johnson

Johnson was drafted third overall in 1977 by Milwaukee. Johnson showed right away he was a scorer. Averaging 25.6 points in his second season for upstart coach Don Nelson. Johnson played 7 seasons for the Bucks helping lead them to multiple division titles.

Johnson’s all-time franchise ranks

6th in points, 3rd in rebounds, 9th in assists, 6th in steals, 9th in blocks, 9th in games played and 7th in playoff games.

3) Sidney Moncrief

Moncrief was drafted fifth by Milwaukee in the 1979 draft. Right from the start, Moncrief became a stud defender from the point guard spot. Moncrief was tenacious and a down right thief on defense. He was apart of several Division titles in the 80’s for the run and gun Bucks. Moncrief played 10 years with Milwaukee with 5 All-Star appearances and Defensive Player of the Year awards.

Moncrief’s all-time franchise ranks

3rd in points, 7th in rebounds, 2nd assists, 3rd in steals, 2nd games played, 1st in playoff games.

2) Oscar Robertson

Right before the 1970-71 the Cincinnati Royals pulled off a stunning trade sending Robertson to the Bucks. Robertson became a valuable piece for the 1971 championship Bucks team. Even though he only played four years with the Bucks his impact was felt. His numbers declined when he arrived in Milwaukee basically with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being the man once he arrived.

Robertson’s all-time franchise ranks

6th in assists, 12th in playoff games.

1) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

After possibly the greatest college career, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar then known as Lew Alcindor was drafted first overall in 1969 by Milwaukee. Kareem was dominant right away averaging 28.8 points a game in his rookie season. After a 29 game improvement from the previous season, Abdul-Jabbar earned Rookie of the year. He also was the catalyst to Milwaukee winning the 1971 NBA Finals and winning Finals MVP. His accomplishments in his short time in Milwaukee are staggering. 2 time scoring champ, countless NBA first team awards. Abdul-Jabbar would ask for a trade in 1975 and Milwaukee proceeded to deal to the Lakers where the legend grew even more.

Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time franchise ranks

1st in points, 1st in rebounds, 7th in assists, 7th in blocks, 7th in playoff games.

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