The CM Punk Rumors are Coming Full Circle

For the last few weeks, CM Punk rumors have been swirling all over the internet. Now, as we said last week, it seems that these rumors are an annual occurrence. Things are different this year, as more and more reports are coming out that Punk will sign with AEW. 

This makes perfect sense. Punk would never go back to WWE after what they did to him. A fresh start with more creative freedom in AEW is exactly what Punk needs. 

There is a lot pointing to a CM Punk return in AEW. It is something that the WWE should be afraid of happening.

CM Punk Rumors Coming Full Circle

Now let’s get to the obvious. AEW is constantly throwing hints that CM Punk will be making his long-awaited wrestling return for them. They even threw a few bones at us for this past week’s special episode of Dynamite, Fight for the Fallen. 

In a backstage interview with Darby Allin and Sting, Allin said that he wanted to know who, “the best in the world”, really was. This is an obvious CM Punk reference to which fans in the arena and all over the world picked up on and went nuts over. 

AEW also announced their secondary show, Rampage, which would debut Friday, August 13th. The next Rampage show after that is August 20th, which AEW made known was going to take place at the United Center in Chicago. 

Chicago is the hometown of Punk and the arena where he famously beat John Cena at Money in the Bank 2011 to win the WWE Championship and walk out on the company. 

The Bryan Danielson Rumors

Now when all the CM Punk rumors started last week, fans were drooling over all of the opponents Punk could have. Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, and Chris Jericho all came to mind. One wrestler that didn’t cross many people’s minds was Bryan Danielson.

Bryan Danielson, better known in the WWE as Daniel Bryan, has not been seen on WWE television since April 30th, where he lost to Roman Reigns on Smackdown.

Danielson is yet to re-sign with WWE. There has been speculation that he is negotiating a contract with AEW. When fans heard this, they went nuts. There were multiple reports that Danielson officially signed the contract, but nothing official yet. 

Fans have already been speculating that Punk and Danielson were going to work in a feud. The story really writes itself. If CM Punk never left the WWE in 2014, then perhaps Daniel Bryan would have never had his historic run in 2014 leading into Wrestlemania 30. 


If AEW signs Punk and Danielson, that would be huge. I doubt there will be a brand split when Rampage debuts, but a rating war could spark. 

Will it be Raw vs Nitro level like it was in the ’90s? Maybe. A very strong maybe. Smackdown is one of the hottest shows in wrestling right now with Roman Reigns as the champion, Big E on the rise, and returning stars like John Cena and Finn Balor. 

Rampage could compete if AEW starts to sign big stars. Pulling in Punk and Danielson would be huge. Two main event talents to throw right into the mix. 

If this wasn’t threatening enough, WWE is in talks with Braun Strowman again. Strowman was released a few months back, and perhaps the biggest star they have released in a while. This is probably being done out of fear that AEW would pick him up since they are lacking a monster right now. 

AEW is doing really well for itself right now. If they keep it up, could they end up dethroning WWE?

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