Three Best Bets for NFL Week 17

It’s finally time for the best bets for NFL Week 17. Alas, the very last week of the season has arrived. Boy did this season fly by. Some said this wasn’t going to happen, look where we are now. At times, there may have been ways the NFL could have handled this Covid-19 situation better, yes. On the other hand, there has yet to be a canceled game. Just postponements. And frankly, I didn’t mind some Tuesday and Wednesday football to make my weeknights all the better.

Nevertheless, Week 17 is set up to be extremely thrilling and entertaining last hurrah. I am here to tell you who to put your money on in the final week of the regular season with my three best bets for NFL week 17.

Three Best Bets For NFL Week 17

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

Pick: Over (51.5)

For Chicago, this has been one hell of a rollercoaster season for their fans. They started the season out 5-1 and people were curious as to how good this team may be. Then, they lost six straight and almost took themselves right out of a playoff spot. After their sixth loss in a row, Mitchell Trubisky and co. said enough is enough and are now on a three-game win streak, and the last spot in the playoffs (for now).

With a win over Green Bay, they’re in. With a loss, they would need the Arizona Cardinals to lose to the Los Angeles Rams. I’m sure Matt Nagy would enjoy it much more if they beat the much-hated Packers instead of relying on other teams for their playoff hopes. Let’s see what they’re made of.

He’s a Baaaaaaddd Man!

In Green Bay, all signs are pointing towards a third MVP season for Aaron Rodgers. With the performance both he and the rest of the offense put up on Sunday night this past week, it’d be robbery if he didn’t win. Rodgers has looked so comfortable in this offense all year and has looked as good as he ever has. He has started to embrace Matt LaFleur’s offense in the second year and it shows. Although they still have some little quirks to work through, this offense is arguably the best in the league.

With guys like Davante Adams and Robert Tonyan, Rodgers has had the weapons he’s needed to be successful. Adding those skill players to a now-three headed running game, this will be a scary team come playoff time.

Betting wise, this seems like a sure-fire over, right? Two hot offenses that are clicking at the same time, both still with playoff implications on the line. With a win for Green Bay, they lock up that all-important one seed. If they lose, they’ll need a loss from Seattle.

These two offenses aren’t slowing down just yet. This will be a similar game as the first time they met and be filled with many scores. I am taking the over in the Packers-Bears game for the first of my three best bets for NFL Week 17.

Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills

Pick: Bills (-2)

Miami is another team with their playoff hopes relying on this last game. Similar to the Bears, the Dolphins just need to win and they are in. Again, similar to the Bears, it will be a tall task. These two teams are facing arguably the two best teams in the league right now with the playoff hopes hanging on by a thread. What a draw for them. Nonetheless, Brian Flores has been one of the most improved coaches this season. He should be at the very least in the conversation for Coach of the Year. It might just be me, but I love how he is handling this quarterback situation right now.

When rookie Tua Tagovailoa isn’t the best option for the team at the moment, veteran Ryan Fitzpatrick comes in and does what he needs to do. People could argue that Fitzpatrick should be the main starter, but I like Flores’ option better. It’s unique to the league and brings a baseball vibe to football. Tua starts the game and plays three quarters and Fitzpatrick comes into close the game. Will it work in the long-term? Probably not, but it’s working…for now.

Do you Billieve?

On the other sideline, Miami is going up against a likely MVP finalist in Josh Allen. Allen and co. have asserted themselves as a top team in this league and look like they can compete with anybody. If it weren’t for a Hail Mary from Kyler Murray and the Cardinals, they would be on a nine-game winning streak. This team is as hot as they come.

I know they aren’t what they used to be, but anytime you beat up on the New England Patriots, it’s worth talking about. That was a Monday night slaughter and one of the more embarrassing losses of Bill Belichick’s career. I expect them to carry that momentum into this final week and throughout the playoffs. The Bills will be a tough out for anybody standing in their way.

With how Josh Allen has looked in recent weeks, I don’t know how you can bet against this team. When I only need to give two points for this team, nine times out of ten I am taking it. Although Miami does have one of the top defenses in the league, I think they get the usual Josh Allen treatment on Sunday. That’s why I am taking Buffalo -2 in my three best bets for NFL week 17.

Las Vegas Raiders @ Denver Broncos

Pick: Over (50.5)

In Mile High, things have not been going as John Elway and crew had hoped coming into the season. They currently stand at 5-10 and have been at the point for a couple of weeks now of their own fans wanting to lose for a better draft spot. There continue to be questions surrounding Drew Lock‘s future with the organization. All eyes will be on the draft in April on whether or not Denver is looking for their new guy.

In Sin City, the Raiders are pretty much in the same boat as the Broncos, except with a worse pick. They are 7-8 and were just eliminated from playoff contention last week when they lost on a game-winning field goal to the Dolphins. Earlier in the year, there were many media personalities (Colin Cowherd) who were fully on board the Jon Gruden train. Despite the hype, Vegas failed has failed to live up to its expectations in the first year in a new city.

Although Vegas hasn’t been kind to their fans, they have been kind to over bettors. Their overs are 11-3-1 on the year and I don’t think that ends here. Denver has had some struggles on offense but this Raiders defense is not good. To put it in perspective, they gave up 28 points to the New York Jets, not good. For the reasons given above, I am going with the over in my three best bets for NFL Week 17.

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