New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams Share Similar Super Bowl LIII Key to Victory

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will face off against Jared Goff and the Los Angeles Rams in Super Bowl LIII. A fun fact about these quarterbacks is that they are both from the Bay area in the state of California. No matter the outcome of the game, history is going to be made. New England has the experience and the offense, while the Rams have the inexperience, but the star-studded defense. History will be made no matter who wins and the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams share a similar Super Bowl LIII key to victory.

Patriots and Rams Share Similar Super Bowl LIII Key to Victory

History Will Be Made in Super Bowl LIII

Tom Brady’s history of winning started against the Rams in the 2001 season. Kurt Warner was the quarterback for the Rams at the time they faced the Patriots in the super bowl. Both teams have traveled through different paths to wind up here on the big stage. Furthermore, there have been different statements about both teams. Critics are saying the Rams are inexperienced and then they are saying the Patriots are old. Nonetheless, both teams seem to have proven critics wrong by making it to Super Bowl LIII.

Three years ago, the St. Louis Rams filed for relocation to Los Angeles for the 2016 NFL Season. In this same draft, former head coach Jeff Fisher traded for the number one overall pick and drafted Jared Goff. In their first season, they went 4-12. After an underrated season, Fischer was fired and Sean McVay was hired.

In his first two seasons with the Rams, McVay revamped the entire team and took them to the playoffs two years in a row. Throughout these last few years, they have made many coaching and roster changes to build the team they wanted. Many say they are young and that his team has a strong defense. In these coaching changes, McVay brought in coaches with super bowl experience such as Aaron Kromer and Wade Phillips.

Seventeen years later and they meet again with history in the making. Will this all come full circle? As in the Rams take down the Patriots or will Brady and company amaze everyone once again. This super bowl is hard to predict as it reminds me of the Super Bowl where the Patriots came back from 28-3 down to win the game over the Atlanta Falcons in overtime. Atlanta had an explosive defensive and so do the Rams this year. That year the Patriots defense was decent, yet their offense was fun to watch.

New England Patriots or Los Angeles Rams Will Come Full Circle

Patriots Look to Tie Record For Six Super Bowls

If the New England Patriots win, this will be their sixth Lombardi trophy in eleven trips. This win would tie them with the Pittsburgh Steelers for most super bowl trophies among the NFL. Brady began his career against the Rams when he won his first Super Bowl. He could surpass milestones winning against the team who he launched his illustrious career against. There is one main key to how both teams have a chance to win this game.

For New England, if his lineman up front and running back can keep him from getting sacked or hit, they will have a higher chance of winning the game. I say higher chance because even if he doesn’t get hit, he may still get rushed, which may allow the corners and safeties to make plays. In order for this not to happen the receivers and tight ends and have to make plays. Furthermore, their chemistry must be on point and in sync.

Los Angeles Rams Look to Win First Super Bowl in Nineteen Years

In order for the Rams to win Super Bowl LIII, their front seven will have to be able to knock down, sack, and rush Brady in his progression. Ironically, the last time the Rams won a super bowl was in Atlanta, Georgia, and because of their defense. Basically, history is on their side here. The Rams defense prevented the Tennessee Titans offense from scoring in the red zone with seconds counting down. It was close. How close you ask? One yard short. One yard is what allowed the Rams to win a Super Bowl XXXIV.

The Rams have a well-oiled defense which can take down New England. It may not be simple but it is possible. Their key to victory is if they can execute their stunts and rushes to sack Brady, then they will have a higher chance of winning. Usually, when Brady gets knocked down or sacked, it affects his rhythm. This is visible in the game when they first played the New York Giants when they missed their perfect season as New York was able to get to Brady in the pocket.

Closing Remarks

This game may be one that will be talked about for years to come. If we look at the season statistics from both teams according to, the Rams are a 5.7 favorite in straight points scored, no other category. LA has averaged 32.9 points per game, while New England has averaged 27.2 points per game. Furthermore, in total yards, passing yards, and rush yards, Los Angeles has New England beat as well.

However, on defense, the Patriots have some categories won such as points allowed and rush yards allowed. The Patriots have only allowed 20.3 points per game compared to the Rams 24. For rush yards, they only allowed 112.7 to the Rams 122.3. This game may come down the Rams offense and the Patriots defense, which to all viewers would be a twist.

Fans could see a similar situation to when the Falcons blew their lead and lost to New England in overtime. The Patriots defense stepped up making critical plays and the offense did what it had to do.

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