A Bold Super Bowl LIII Prediction

The Los Angeles Rams will host the New England Patriots in Atlanta for Super Bowl LIII, Feb 3. The NFC and AFC champions will play for the title with so many people wondering if one team should even be there. Let’s forget the memory of the blown call for a few moments as I discuss who will win this year’s super bowl. Here is a bold Super Bowl LIII prediction.

Super Bowl LIII Prediction


The Patriots are 11-5 for the season but not without their share of problems before and throughout it.

The late-season feud of 2017-18 between New England quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick was fueled by pride and two men not willing to be wrong. Belichick believed in keeping a backup for Brady for when he finally left the game; Brady believes he will play this game well into his 40s. He has proved his worth by going to his record ninth title match.

Not the most conventional of seasons posting losses against former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and his Detroit Lions, the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Miami Dolphins to name a few. Losing on the road is not something the Patriots are known for.

The team was gifted with wide receiver Josh Gordon, a player full of potential but plagued by mental illness and an inability to get a handle on his situation. After already having been suspended numerous times throughout his collegiate and professional careers for continuously failing drug tests and then stepping away at the end of 2018 after coming to New England, the Patriots figured out that they could stick with what they had and make their playoff run anyway because of Tom Brady.

The Patriots going to the super bowl is no surprise—as long as they have Brady on their team, they can do anything. But what about the opposing team?

Ram Ahead

The Rams are on the come up since firing moral victor, Jeff Fisher. Sean McVay replaces him bringing a certain youth to their game. At 33 years of age, no one thinks he is capable of coaching against and beating the Patriots. Just ask New Orleans Saints fans who will be talking about the blown call for years to come.

Still, Jared Goff and his crew have plenty to prove and plan to do just that. Don’t forget that Brandin Cooks was on the Patriots last season and left Super Bowl LII to a concussion. Cooks recorded 1204 yards and five touchdowns through the regular season. Goff is going to rely heavily on him because of his speed and ability to make big plays after the catch.

The Rams have a dangerous weapon on their side in their defense. It is going to be up to Aaron Donald to have a big game against Brady if they want to give the Patriots their second straight upset.

Does McVay have the formula to stop Belichick and the Bad Boys? He seems to think so. He represents a new type of coach who, in three short years, has turned a Jeff Fisher-less Rams team into a future dynasty.

Last Word

I think the Rams win this game because these defenses aren’t parallel. Brady is going to do what he does. I believe that Donald has a big game and puts Brady on his back a few times. Gurley won’t get the ball as much which won’t be an issue. CJ Anderson more than makes up for that. The Rams win by a final score of 30-28.

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