Minnesota Vikings vs Buffalo Bills Game Preview

This week the Buffalo Bills travel to Minnesota to play the Vikings. The Vikings are undefeated through two weeks while Buffalo is win less. This match-up appears to be lopsided on paper, but a closer look will show that Buffalo has a chance to rebound their slow start in week three. Here is my Minnesota Vikings vs Buffalo Bills game preview.

Minnesota Vikings vs Buffalo Bills Game Preview


The Bills and Vikings have two very different quarterbacks. The Vikings have an impressive veteran in Kirk Cousins who signed a big money contract with them this past off-season. The Bills have a young rookie quarterback who showed a lot of promise in his debut against a tough Chargers defense. Cousins has the advantage with his surrounding weapons. Cousins has the better offensive line and he is rolling with a top-tier receiving corp. Stefon Diggs, Adam Thielen, and Kyle Rudolph are all extreme threats to score on every play. Josh Allen is rolling with Kelvin Benjamin, Zay Jones, and Charles Clay. A big difference from the Vikings group.

Running Back

The Bills have the advantage in terms of talent at the running back position, but the Vikings have the better blocking. Dalvin Cook is by no means a below average player either. If the Bills’ offensive line can block well, LeSean McCoy will do the rest. Dalvin Cook is getting the advantage going up against the very poor run defense of the Bills while McCoy is up against Minnesota’s tough defense. Both running backs should be featured on Sunday and Vikings backup Letavius Murray should also have a sizable role for Minnesota.


Both teams have a very solid secondary. The Bills have two great safeties with Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer along with an outstanding cornerback in Tre’ White. Meanwhile, Minnesota has pro bowlers Harrison Smith and Xavier Rhodes to go with rookie cornerback Mike Hughes. Both quarterbacks are going to have a tough time with these guys going against them.

Home Advantage

The Bills are known for having a great home atmosphere, but so does Minnesota. The SKOL chant has become a spectacle in the sport that people travel to be a part of. Minnesota is a team who has been on the rise and made it to the NFC championship last year. They have the expectation to get there again and then further. Fans are high on the team this year and will show out for their team every home game this year. This will make the SKOL chants extra loud this year which will be a test for the young Josh Allen.

While the odds are against Buffalo for many reasons, it is clear to see that they have a talented team who can get the job done if everything clicks. Hopefully, for Buffalo, they can do just that and avoid a 3-0 start. If they can’t they will go into week four with a tough road ahead of them.

Score Prediction: MIN 34- BUF 13

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