Why Terrell Owens should attend the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony

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Terrell Owens was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame the night before Super Bowl 52. The class of 2018 was formally introduced at the NFL Honors ceremony and other then Bobby Beathard were all in attendance. Owens has publicly criticized the Hall, after the class of 2017 was announced he said on Twitter “HOF is a total joke. Honestly, doesn’t mean anything to me to get in beyond this point.” It seems that has held up, as Owens became the first living inductee to publicly decline the invitation to the Canton ceremony. In one of the most selfish and greedy acts in recent memory, not only has Owens disrespected the hall, he has also disrespected the other inductees and other members who come every year.

The Pro Football Hall of Fame is the most prestigious honor in the sport, and should be appreciated as such

As of 2018, 318 of the greatest players, coaches, and contributors will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. The NFL has existed for nearly a century, and according to Pro Football Reference, over 25,000 players have played in the NFL. Add thousands of coaches, owners, general managers, and contributors and there are thousands of men who have contributed to pro football. Of the approximately 25,000 players who have played, one percent of them are in Canton.

The chances of a player entering the NFL to earn a bronze bust are astronomical, even to make the NFL is nearly impossible. Dick Stanfel waited 54 years to be enshrined, Ken Stabler waited 28. The fact that T.O is considered one of the greatest of all time should be an honor and privilege. He should be beyond humbled and honored to be considered worthy of inclusion in this prestigious group. The selfishness showed is disgraceful to all who came before him and allowed him to achieve what he did.

Hundreds of inductees return each year to welcome their newest members, the HOF is considered a special fraternity

A record 130 members will be in attendance to welcome the newest members. Many of the greats from as far back as the 1950’s and 60’s return because of the significance of the Hall. Many of them, now with canes or in wheelchairs take the effort and time because of how special this group is, and knowing together they are the greatest men in the history of pro football. Marv Levy is 92, and continues to come every year. One of the best traditions of the weekend is when the newest members are introduced and walk down the aisle shaking hands and greeting the other members.

The respect shown to each other is unlike anything else, and for Owens to skip this because of anger towards the voters is cowardly and selfish. He made it, he’s a HOF and will forever be immortalized. Owens complained he was not a first ballot, only 39 have ever accomplished this feat. Just because you are not a first ballot does not mean you are not a Hall of Famer. It may not be your time yet, and when it comes it will be even more special. Owens should appreciate the fact he has been enshrined, and should at least attend the ceremony.

Owens is taking the attention away from legends such as Ray Lewis and Randy Moss, because of the greed of not getting in his first try. Instead of celebrating the fact he is able to be inducted, he decides to continue complaining and will be an asterisk forever. He has made history on the field, and now off. No living enshrinee has ever declined the invitation to the ceremony, even those who were upset they were not first ballot. I respect Owens for the legacy on the field, however off the field I cannot respect him for such a greedy, ignorant, and selfish move.

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