2017-2018 NBA MVP Review: Southeast Division MVP’s

CHARLOTTE, UNITED STATES - DECEMBER 9: DJ Augustin of Orlando Magic and Kemba Walker (R) of Charlotte Hornets take off with the ball after Marvin Williams (right 2) falls during the NBA match between Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum arena in Charlotte, NC, USA on December 9, 2016. (Photo by Peter Zay/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)

The 2017-18 NBA Southeast Division season gave us no shortage of storylines. Throughout the entire season, every team gave us an outstanding player that we at lwosports.com wants to recognize. Here are the 2017-18 Southeast Division MVP’s.

Southeast Division MVP’s

Atlanta Hawks: SF Taurean Waller-Prince

The most valuable player for the Atlanta Hawks last season was Taurean Waller-Prince. Taurean was named the starting small forward for the Hawks to begin the season after having an average rookie season. Prince started and played in all 82 games last season being the only Hawk to play in all 82 games.

Prince averaged 30 minutes per game, 14 points per game, 5 rebounds per game, and 3 assists per game on 43% field goal percentage. Taurean showed signs of being a starter in this league on both sides of the ball. Prince has the ability to be a lockdown defender and defending multiple positions which is key in todays NBA. Taurean was one of the positives for the Atlanta Hawks last season and will look to build upon his above average sophmore season.

Charlotte Hornets: PG Kemba Walker

The most valuable player on the Charlotte Hornets last season was Kemba Walker. Kemba Walker has been one of the better point guards in the NBA over the past 7 seasons. Kemba has been reliable and efficient with his numbers and his play on the court. Kemba played and started in 80 games last season which was tied for second on the team with Jermey Lamb and one game behind Dwight Howard.

Walker averaged 22 points per game and 6 assists per game while playing 34 minutes per game and shooting 43% from the field. Kemba has been the point guard in Charlotte since he came into the league 7 years ago and he has expanded his game year after year. Walker has been in trade rumors over the past 2 seasons as Charlotte is trying to figure out their next steps.

Miami Heat: SG Josh Richardson/PG Goran Dragic

The most valubale player on the Miami Heat last season will have to be a duo of Josh Richardson and Goran Dragic. Josh Richardson is the most important player on the Miami Heat with his ability to defend at a high level and create offense for himself and his teammates. Goran Dragic is the veteran leader who had a spectacular season which led to him being voted into his first ever all star game. Richardson started in all 81 games he played in last season while Dragic started in all 75 games he played in last season.

Richardson averaged 13 points per game, 4 rebounds per game, 3 assists per game, and 2 steals per game while playing 33 minutes per game. Richardson does it all on the floor night in and night out for the Miami Heat. Dragic avergaed 17 points per game and 5 assists per game while playing 32 minutes per game and shooting 45% from the field. Dragic was a veteran leader who controlled the game and was the vocal leader on and off the court.

Orlando Magic: SF Aaron Gordon

The most valuable player for the Orlando Magic last season was Aaron Gordon. Aaron Gordon had a nice under the radar season last year for the Orlando Magic. Gordon showed flashes of his high potential and what type of player he could end up becoming. While Gordon only played in 58 games last season you saw an improvement in his numbers and his ability to be a positionless player.

Gordon averaged 33 minutes per game, 18 points per game, and 8 rebounds per game while shooting 43% from the field. Aaron played both forward spots last season but he seemed to thrive while playing the power forward position where the floor was spread. Gordon developed a shot and it proved to be effective as his points per game jumped almost 5 points from the previous season.

Washington Wizards: SG Bradley Beal

The most valuable player on the Washington Wizards last season was Bradley Beal. Bradley Beal stepped up big time last season when John Wall was sidelined with an injury. The Wizards have been one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference with their backcourt being one of the best in the league. Bradley Beal averaged 36 minutes per game while playing and starting all 82 games last season.

Beal averaged 23 points per game, 4 rebounds per game, and 5 assists per game last season while shooting 46% from the field. Beal avergaed 23 points per game in the playoffs in which the Wizards were eliminated in the first round. The Wizards put a lot on Beal’s shoulders when John Wall was sidelined but Bradley answered the challenge and kept Washington in the thick of things until Wall returned. Bradley got to showcase his skills and be the number one and proved how much he is worth.

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